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HIUS 4501-04 Sixties in Stereo: JFK and LBJ

Searching Virgo

                                                                 Virgo Search Screen


                                             Keyword = "Lyndon Johnson" "civil rights"

  • Virgo does not use Boolean connectors, such as and, or between terms.
  • Put a phrase within quotation marks
  • Automatically does stemming of search terms (view, viewer, viewers, viewing)
  • You can further refine search results by using the limiters on the left of the search results screen. For example, clicking on "Special Collections" under "Library" will narrow your results to materials held in Special Collections.
  • Be sure you click on "Start Over" to perform a new search

Finding Scholarly Articles

A list of all our major online databases is found in Virgo at .  Remember, to access our databases from off-Grounds you need a proxy server account, or a UVA Anywhere or Anywhere-Lite account: see


Academic Search Complete is a general database of articles from scholarly journals and some magazines and newspapers. Includes some speeches and interviews.  Years of coverage vary according to title, but some publications are covered back to the late 19th century.

                                  Search: "Martin Luther King" AND "Vietnam War" AND Johnson
Search for a speech:   Lyndon Johnson = AU Author AND "civil rights"     Document Type = Speech
Search for an interview:   Robert McNamara = PE People   Document Type = Interview


America History & Life is the major index for finding scholarly articles in historical journals, citations to books, book reviews, and dissertation citations in the field of American history.

                                  Search:  Kennedy AND "space race"

JSTOR Full-text backfiles of many important scholarly journals. Coverage is usually from the first issue to 3-5 years before the present.        

Historical Newspapers and Magazines

With the exception of Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature the following sources are also found in Virgo at .  Remember, to access our databases from off-Grounds you need a proxy server account, or a UVA Anywhere or Anywhere-Lite account: see

Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature (1900-1990) print volumes are on the tall wall shelves to the left when you enter Alderman Reference.  Each volume covers a particular time period and is arranged alphabetically by subject.  Use to find articles in popular magazines such as Newsweek, Life, U.S. News & World Report, etc. since many of these are not covered by online databases for the time period you are working in.

Use the dark blue Journal Finder link on the Virgo search screen to determine our online access and search individual journal titles such as Time, New Republic, Nation, and National Review, etc.

ProQuest Historical Newspapers Searchable full text backfiles of articles from the New York Times (1851-2007), Wall Street Journal (1889-1991), Chicago Tribune (1849-1986), Los Angeles Times (1881-1986), Washington Post (1877-1992), and Chicago Defender (1910-1975).
           Search Chicago Defender.  Advanced Search:  Wallace AND Kennedy AND "University of Alabama" 
Date Range =
June 1963 - June 1963

Twentieth Century American Newspapers  Part of "America's Historical Newspapers", this component includes 20th century coverage from the New Orleans Times-Picayune, Cleveland Plain Dealer, and Portland Oregonian.

Search: "civil rights" and murder and Mississippi  Date = after 6/1/1964
Places of Publication =

 To see which  newspapers we have on microfilm go to the page listing newspaper microfilm holdings and enter the state's name in the "Search by State" box.  If you do not find a title there, be sure to also search Virgo.                              

Additional Sources

U.S. History in Context  An excellent starting point to get an overview of a topic.  Consists of historical encyclopedia articles, journal articles, and some primary source materials.                                    

                                                 Basic search = Gulf of Tonkin resolution

Digital National Security Archive contains declassified documents used by the U.S. government in conducting foreign policy. The materials are obtained through the Freedom of Information Act.

                      Search Documents: keyword ="military escalation" 
Collections =
U.S. Policy in Vietnam, 1954-1968; 1969-1975

Declassified Documents Reference System provides access to collections of declassified documents from the CIA, FBI, presidential libraries, and other agencies, from the 1940's through the 1980's.

           Advanced Search:  Vietnam AND bombing  Issue Date:  From July 1, 1965 to August 31, 1965

Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960-1975 primary source documents (manyh previously classified) from the CIA, State Department, National Security Council, and various presidential files from the Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon administrations. Emphasis is on the Vietnam War, but it also includes materials about U.S. policy in other regions of the world as well.

                                         Search:   Ho Chi Minh Trail    [Filter results by  Subject: Air Strikes]           

American History in Video Over 5000 films, commercial and governmental newsreels, archival footage, public affairs footage and documentaries showing historical events and their presentation over time.

           Advanced Search:    Transcript & Notes = Cuba   Video Types = Archival, Newsreel
Speaker = Kennedy, John Fitzgerald   [From Select Terms]

 ProQuest Congressional  provides mostly full-text publications from the U.S. Congress, including testimony from Congressional hearings, legislative histories of laws, reports to Congress, etc.

                        Search terms:   "Voting Rights Act"   Congress = 89 (1965-1966)

iPOLL contains nearly a half-million questions from surveys conducted since 1935 by academic, commercial, and media survey organizations, including CNN, Gallup, AP, the Wall Street Journal, and many others.

                           Search = Johnson and civil rights  Date from 1964 to 1965 

Vietnam Collection: WGBH  Vietnam: A Television History was a landmark documentary series produced by WGBH. This collection contains most of the materials gathered and created for the 1983 series, as well as additional Vietnam-related materials from the WGBH archive.

              Search within this collection = News video and archival footage  then  Search Archive (within results) = Tet

Social Movements Collection   Housed in Special Collections. Contains items collected from a diverse group of over 500 different social movement groups. The types of materials include letters, mailings, posters, bumper stickers, pins, pamphlets, booklets, and reading lists. The materials come from all over the world, but are mainly focused in the United States. The largest issue addressed by this collection was the Vietnam War and the draft, but it also covered civil rights, the rise of feminism, student rights, the Black Panthers, desegregation at the state and local level, and the formation of libertarian and conservative groups.

Microform Collections

The Library has a number of significant microform collections that contain relevant primary source materials for this class. The microforms collection is on the third floor of Alderman and staff in Government Information Resources can assist you in using it. 

See our listing of major collections in U.S. history, which includes John F. Kennedy Oral History Collection; Oral Histories of the Johnson Administration;  War on Poverty, 1964-1968; Political Activities of the Johnson White House, 1963-1969; etc.

Major collections in international relations include Berlin Crisis; CIA Research Reports; OSS/State Department Intelligence and Research Reports; etc.

African American major microform collections include Civil Rights During the Kennedy Administration; Civil Rights During the Johnson Administration; Papers of the NAACP; Records of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference; etc.