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Writing Help: APA Style and Plagiarism

Resources to Help You write in APA Style

Use RefWorks Software To Create APA Citations, Store and Manage You Citations, and Write Using APA

RefWorks is a software application that automatically creates citations.  Use it to:

  1. download article citations from databases and keep them in RefWorks
  2. format bibliographies and in-text citations automatically in over 400 bibliographic styles including APA, American Medical Association,  etc.
  3. use in conjunction with WORD to write papers, dissertations, etc.
  4. create a RefWorks database and share it with colleagues around the world

RefWorks Tutorials

RefWorks Info specific to UVa

Email or call 434.982-2664 to schedule a one-on-one tutorial.

Offf Grounds group code for RefWorks is RWUVirginia (note upper and lower case fonts).

Avoiding Plagiarism

Common examples of plagiarism include:
  • Self Plagiarism see
  • copying someone else's words without using quotation marks and crediting the source from where it came
  • paraphrasing or summarizing someone else's words without citing the source
  • quoting someone inaccurately
  • restating someone's original or specialized ideas without citing the source 
  • accidentally or intentionally misrepresenting someone else's words or ideas
  • citing the wrong source 
  • pretending someone else's work is your own

Note: Text isn't the only thing that can be plagiarized. You also must credit the sources of images, graphics, charts, drawings, video, music, etc.

How to Avoid Plagiarism

UVA Honor Code