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A guide for updates, information, and scholarly content about the coronavirus outbreak.

Resources for Researchers

NIH COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines 
"These Treatment Guidelines have been developed to inform clinicians how to care for patients with COVID-19. Because clinical information about the optimal management of COVID-19 is evolving quickly, these Guidelines will be updated frequently as published data and other authoritative information becomes available."

The New England Journal of Medicine
"A collection of articles and other resources on the Coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, including clinical reports, management guidelines, and commentary." (free)


Coronavirus Funding Monitor

A curated list of open funding calls and other support for researchers, non-profit organizations and commercial organizations, specifically for COVID-19, and coronavirus-related research. Updated daily.

The COVID-19 Portfolio (National Institutes of Health)

"The iSearch COVID-19 portfolio is NIH’s comprehensive, curated source for publications related to COVID-19. This portfolio includes articles from PubMed and pre-prints from arXiv, medRxiv, bioRxiv, and ChemRxiv. The portfolio is updated daily with the latest available data."

COVID-19 Citation Collection
"The collection, accessible through this public Zotero library (no account required), includes daily updates from PubMed,, Disaster Lit, and preprints* from bioRxiv and medRxiv." It was developed by the Cushing/Whitney Medical Library at Yale.

LitCovid: Curated collection of more than 1,200 journal articles hosted by the National Library of Medicine

COVID-19 Open Research Data: Tool leveraging natural language processing to aggregate articles about COVID-19 hosted by Semantic Scholar

COVID-19 Open Research Map: Interactively engage with COVID-19 research output and explore connections between publications.

Coronavirus Knowledge Hub: A trusted source for the latest science on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19​

NIH Coronavirus Resources- a variety of resources from the National Institutes of Health; continuously updated.

​PubMed- "PubMed comprises more than 30 million citations for biomedical literature from MEDLINE, life science journals, and online books. Citations may include links to full-text content from PubMed Central and publisher web sites." 
If you are on Grounds, you will be able to access any full-text articles that are in databases to which UVA subscribes. If you are a UVA student or employee who is off Grounds, you may access these restricted resources via VPN.

Below are links to the results of popular searches about COVID-19 in PubMed:
The National Center for Biotechnology Information  offers many resources including Entrez, a cross-disciplinary search page. Search results are organized by database. Results for popular searches in Entrez are linked below:
Clarivate Analytics
Clarivate Analytics is also offering free access to  Cortellis Drug Discovery Intelligence in support of coronavirus/COVID-19 research. Cortellis provides information on drug pipelines, disease briefings, experimental pharmacology, pharmacokinetics, animal models, targets and more.
Data Repositories 

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)
This dataset is intended to mobilize researchers to apply recent advances in natural language processing to generate new insights in support of the fight against this infectious disease. The corpus will be updated weekly as new research is published in peer-reviewed publications and archival services like bioRxivmedRxiv, and others.

"A free cloud-based service for researchers to upload their data for discovery and access"
Below are links to search results for popular searches on this topic:
OpenScience Framework
"OSF is a free, open platform to support your research and enable collaboration."
Below are links to search results for popular searches on this topic (results are prioritized by relevance, unless the user chooses a different filter). From these results pages, searches may be filtered by file type:
"A free, open repository where users can make all of their research outputs available in a citable, shareable, and concise manner"
Below are links to search results for popular searches on this topic (results were filtered by the "Medicine and Health Sciences" subject; results are prioritized by relevance, unless the user chooses a different filter):
Google Scholar
A search engine which provides a way to search broadly across disciplines and sources for scholarly information. If searching Google Scholar from on Grounds, users will be able to access any result that is inside a database to which UVA subscribes; click on the link "Find @UVA Libraries". If searching off-Grounds, connect via VPN. Below are popular searches; click to view the results (*note that these have been narrowed to return results from 2016 to the present) :

AAMC Coronavirus Resources for the Academic Medicine Community

The AAMC continues to monitor guidance from federal, state, and local health agencies as it relates to the coronavirus (COVID-19). Find information and updates from AAMC on this emerging global health concern. 

MathSciNet and American Mathematical Society

The American Mathematical Society would like to help maintain access to any of their online products to which UVa subscribes, including MathSciNet, eJournals, and eBook Collections.

Their Remote Access system allows end users to pair their computers while on a campus network, letting them take their access to AMS resources with them wherever they go. Most patrons are now away from campus, and unable to pair in the normal way. To assist them, there is a special remote access link. This link is unique to UVa:

When patrons visit this page, they will see a short message about our Remote Access service, and a link to initiate 90 days of access on their device. Access may be set up via any web browsing device with JavaScript, cookies, and local storage enabled. If a patron uses multiple browsers or devices, the link must be visited using each individual browser or device.