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Research Funder Requirements

Institute of Education Sciences (IES)

The U.S Department of Education Institute of Education Sciences solicits grant proposals in 2 major categories: Research Programs and Research Training Programs.  Overview of IES Research and Research Training Grant Programs. Funding opportunities are posted each year in May for the next calendar year. 

The IES policy on providing access to data is focused on data collected with grants funds provided by the two IES research centers: the National Center for Education Research and the National Center for Special Education Research.  Researchers applying for Goal Four Scale-Up Evaluation grants and Goal Three Efficacy and Replication grants under competitions 84.305A for Education Research or 84.324A for Special Education Research, and the Research Networks on Critical Problems of Policy and Practice competition 84.305N are expected to include data management plans in their applications. 

The IES Policy Regarding Public Access to Research The Institute of Education Sciences is committed to advancing education research through the sharing of publications and scientific data that emanate from funded research. The IES Policies are aligned with the U.S. Department of Education's Plan and Policy Development Guidance for Public Access, which was approved October 21, 2016.   

The IES Implementation Guide for Public Access to Research Data contains the information you will need to write a responsive DMP for your proposal.  It includes information on the requirement, responsibility, and content for a DMP.  It covers the timing of providing access to the data, human subjects and privacy issues,  proprietary data issues, methods for providing access to data, data documentation and the reminder that you can include the costs of sharing data in your budget.  

IES provides a very good FAQ About Providing Public Access to Data.  

The IES Policy Statement on Public Access to Publications Resulting from IES Funded Grants requires grantees to submit their peer-reviewed scholarly publications to ERIC.  Be sure to keep this in mind as you draft your DMP.

ERIC's Grantee and Online Submission System provides instructions and requirements for submitting your research to ERIC. They also have a FAQ.   

Do you have any questions or need assistance understanding the IES requirements? We can help you with selecting an appropriate repository, understanding funder requirements, and drafting and reviewing your data management plan.  Contact us at