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Pandemic Children's Book Catalog

Here you’ll find a wide variety of children’s books, in age-appropriate language and using vivid and beautiful illustrations, that help children deal with the disruption of the Covid-19 Pandemic.


Books in this section aim to help children make caring and constructive choices about personal behavior and social interactions during the Pandemic, where responsible decision making is needed more than ever to ensure personal and collective safety. Responsible decision making entails the capacities to consider ethical standards and safety concerns, and to evaluate the benefits and consequences of various actions for personal, social, and collective well-being. More traits of responsible decision making addressed by books in this section include demonstrating curiosity and open-mindedness, identifying solutions for personal and social problems, learning to make a reasoned judgment after analyzing information, data, facts, anticipating and evaluating the consequences of one’s actions, recognizing how critical thinking skills are useful both inside & outside of school, reflecting on one’s role to promote personal, family, and community well-being, evaluating personal, interpersonal, community, andinstitutional impacts.