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French - Microforms

History & Civilization

TitleDescriptionHoldingsCall No.
Dreyfus Affair in the Making of Modern France From the Dreyfus Collection at the Harvard College Library. (most materials are in French). "Contains a high percentage of the total number of titles listed in the Desachy bibliography, the reference standard for books and pamphlets bearing upon the Affair through 1904." 66 reels and guide Micfilm 7233

See publisher's reel guide arranged alphabetically by subject.
French Royal and Administrative Acts, 1256-1794 More than 16,000 pamphlets which document the financial and political administration of France from the late 13th century to the end of the monarchy. 59 reels & guide Micfilm 1465
Archives Parlementaires de 1787 a 1860, receuil complet des debats legislatifts et politiques des chambres francaises. Debates of the French national legislative bodies Ser.1:
v.1-82 (1787-1794)
v.1-106 (1799-1836/37)
(2363 fiche)
Micfich S-18
Journal officiel. Official record of the parliamentary debates, laws, and government documents of France. 1869-1917; 1925-1931
(debates of the lower house only)
Micfich S-52
Journal officiel. Official record of the parliamentary debates, laws, and government documents of France. 1918-1924; 1932-1940
(debates of the lower house only)
Miccard S-4
Journal Officiel. Official record of the parliamentary debates, laws, and government documents of France. 1881-to current
(All material except the lower house debates of 1881-1940)

Index available 1871 - current

Micfilm S-228
Dictionnaire des Parlementaires Francais ... A listing of all the members of French assemblies and all the French ministers from May 1, 1789 until May 1, 1889, with their names, civil status, service records, political actions, etc.
    5 reels
Micfilm 1363
TitleDescriptionHoldingsCall No.
French Political Pamphlets, 1547-1648 A collection of pamphlets which deal with the religious, political, and social issues, including the assassinations of Henry III and Henery IV, and the convening of the Estates-General in 1614-1615. See also publisher's description 86 reels no subject index
Set is hronologically arranged following the format of the Lindsay and Neu bibliography.
Micfilm 1107
French Revolutionary Pamphlets French materials from many sources covering the period from 1789 to 1800. Micfich S-63 and Miccard S-2
Mazarinades: Collection of 17th century French Civil War Tracts in the Houghton Library Collection, Harvard University 2291 fiche Micfich 354
Mazarinades: Collection of French Political Pamphlets from the Lockwood Library, State University of New York at Buffalo 435 fiche Micfiche 355
La Condition ouvriere en France au XIXe siecle. More than 100 works, mostly factual studies of the social and economic conditions of the working class in France during the 19th century.

Set includes both official publications and sociological studies written by doctors, economists, and other private individuals.

1215 fiche


NOTE An introduction and overview of the entire collection is also in Per/Micro Room - Z 7165 .F8P43

Titles cataloged separately.
List of all titles with microfiche call numbers is available behind the Per/Micro Room service desk.
La Condition ouvriere, volume II. A companion to the first La Condition Ouvriere collection which contains additional sources from the 19th century, plus material on the 16th through the 20th centuries. Titles cataloged separately
La Revolution industrielle francaise, 1810-1870: statistiques, enquetes, expositions, documents. An extensive collection of source material concerning France's emergence as an industrialized nation. 531 fiche & guide Micfich 1086
Les Congres socialistes francais, 1876-1914. Set contains the minutes of all the French socialist congresses up to 1914. Also included are several supplementary documents, one of note is: Les Congres ouvriers en France de 1876 a 1897 by Leon Seilhac. 208 fiche & guide Micfich 515
Archives Diplomatiques (France)
Guerre 1914-1918
Diplomatic and consular history between France and the United States. 1 reel Micfilm 5969
Archives Diplomatiques (France)
Guerre 1939-1945
Foreign relations with Great Britain and United States. 14 reels Micfilm 5987
Archives Diplomatiques (France)
Serie A-Paix
Peace treaties, World War, 1914-1918. 84 reels Micfilm 5988
France. Ministere des affairs etrangeres.
Archives diplomatiques. Europe, 1918-1940
Foreign relations between France and Belgium. 11 reels Micfilm 5651
France. Ministere de affaires etrangeres.
Archives diplomatiques. Europe, 1918-1929.
Foreign relations between France and Germany concerning the Saarland 5 reels Micfilm 5655
France. Ministere des affaires etrangeres. Archives diplomatiques. Papiers d'agents- Seydoux. Diplomatic papers of Jacques Seydoux, 1870-1929. 16 reels Micfilm 5667
Les Tracts de mai 1968. Political activity of college students in France in 1968. 391 fiche & guide Micfich 2553
United States. Department of State Records of the Department of State relating to internal affairs of France, 1910-29. 162 reels
Guide available in Gov't Information Resources
Micfilm 1610
Despatches from United States ministers to France, 1789-1906. 120 reels
Guide available in Gov't Information Resources
Micfilm 14 IVY STACKS
Papers of Norfolk, Va. French consulate 1784-1831 6 reels Micfilm 7895