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Civil War History - Microforms

Civil War History - Microforms: Personal Narratives and Correspondence



Call No.

American Women's Diaries: Southern Women
32 diaries. Slave owning and Civil War life well covered.
34 reels & guide
Micfilm 2246
American Women's Diaries: New England.
Eight diaries, some cover Civil War era.
21 reels & guide
Micfilm 1741
Southern Women and Their Families in the 19th Century: Papers and Diaries. Large set, arrangement by region/state. UVA has
Series A-G. See
online guides.
Records of Ante Bellum Southern Plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War. Large set, in series (A-N), arranged by region. Call Number Micfilm 1705    See online guides.
See also an important finding aid to the guides themselves:  A Genealogical index to the guides of the microfilm edition of Records of ante-bellum Southern plantations from the Revolution through the Civil War.  Indexes this set by state and by city and county, by plantation name and by surname of plantation owner.
Letters Received by the Confederate Secretary of War, 1861-1865 (National Archives U.S.)
151 reels
Micfilm 1756
Ivy Annex
Collected Correspondence of Lydia Maria Child, 1817-1880
Letters of prominent abolitionist and social activist.
97 fiche & guide
Micfich 751
History of Women
Large microfilm set containing monographs, periodicals, manuscripts and photographs
See print guide, p.424
entries under "Civil War"
Micfilm 2159
Slave Narratives
20th century interviews with former slaves.
Library of Congress/WPA, (Micfilm 145)
Ohio Historical Society, (Micfilm 1218)
Guides available for both Micfilm 145 and Micfilm 1218
Micfilm 145 (Alderman)
Micfilm 1218
(IVY Stacks)

Slavery and Anti-Slavery Pamphlets from the Libraries of Salmon P. Chase & John P. Hale.
Polemical essays, speeches & editorials (1839-mid 1860's) for and against slavery.

5 reels & guide

Micfilm 857

Travels in the Confederate States
Includes many personal accounts of camp, battle and prison experience from Confederate and Union soldiers. Based on Travels in the Confederate States, a bibliography. Z1251.S7 C68 1948, Alderman Reference

Guide available

Miccard 3

Pamphlets In American History
Primary and secondary sources include eye witness accounts of battles and campaigns; biographies of Civil War military and political leaders; documents relating to Confederacy after War.

743 fiche & guide
(see Index v.5, section on Civil War)

Micfich 557