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U.S. History - Labor Microforms

U.S. History - Labor / African- American Labor History

TitleDescriptionCall No.
Slave Narratives The WPA collection of interviews with former slaves during the 1930's Micfilm 145
Selected Documents from Records of the Committee on Fair Employment Practice Headquarters Records 213 reels and index Micfilm 1613
A. Philip Randolph Papers (See above)
Black Workers in the Era of the Great Migration 1916-1929 History of the Diaspora of southern African-Americans to Northern industrial cities during the First World War and the decade after Micfilm 1636
Freedmen's Bureau Records Several collections on microfilm in Gov't Documents library (ask at Gov't Doc's for help) The federal agency created to assist recently freed slaves in the South after the Civil War
Several larger civil rights collections have links to African-American labor history. Check guides for specific topics:

Papers of the NAACP (Micfilm 1568)
The Crisis (official journal of the NAACP, edited in its early years by W.E.B. Du Bois) (Micfilm S-79)
Papers of CORE (Micfilm 1566-1567)
Papers of SNCC (Micfilm 1562)