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U.S. History - Labor Microforms

U.S. History - Labor / Union & Workers Periodicals


AuthorDescriptionHoldingsCall No.
American Federationist Contains most volumes published. Check item record for specific years. Originally journal of the AFL. Later, journal of the AFL-CIO Stacks HD 8055 AS A2, Darden, Micfilm S-522
A.F. of L. Rank and File Federationist vols. 1-2, 1934-1935 Micfilm S-487
The Headlight / UAW Local 599 May-July 1941, Jan.-Dec. 1964 Micfilm S-1407
Industrial Pioneer Newspaper of the IWW 1921-1926 Micfich S-102
Industrial Union Bulletin Organizational bulletin of the IWW vols.1-2, 1907-1909 Micfilm S-456
Industrial Unionist Newspaper of the IWW vols.1-2, 1925-1926 Micfilm S-458
Industrial Union News Journal of the Detroit IWW, a political organization founded by Daniel DeLeon, not affiliated with the larger organization known as the IWW Jan 1912-May 1924 Micfilm S-453
Industrial Worker Newspaper for the Western wing of the IWW (Industrial Workers of the World) vols. 1-5, 1909-1913 Micfilm S-457
Ladies' Garment Worker ILGWU paper 1910-1918 Micfilm S-538
Lowell Offering The journal published by the women textile operators of the Lowell mills in the mid 19th century Micfich S-10 reel 675
One Big Union Monthly Newspaper of the IWW 1919-1928 Micfich S-219
United Automobile Worker Journal of the UAW, important union within the CIO 1936-1955 Micfilm 2309
AuthorDescriptionHoldingsCall No.
The Masses A Socialist magazine which focused on many contemporary issues of the day. Significant especially for its cultural radicalism 1911-1917 Micfilm S-86
The Daily Worker Daily newspaper of the Communist Party 1938-Jan 1956 Micfilm N-US NY-25

The library also holds titles in the Radical Periodicals in the United States set, mostly on microfilm, but a few in print. Do a VIRGO Advanced series search on Radical Periodicals in the United States to locate these titles at UVA. 

See also Joseph Conlin, ed. The American Radical Press, 1880-1960. Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1974, for an introduction to the titles in the series