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Religious Freedom

Search VIRGO for Books, Videos, etc.

There are many resources, both print and digital, at the UVA Library that are relevant for research on religious freedom. To find the best materials (EXCEPT articles), begin by searching VIRGO Catalog. Use the link below.

Many nations have specific subject headings that you can use to find information on religious freedom within that country. For example, "Freedom of religion Afghanistan" and "Freedom of religion China" are both specific subjects that you can search, which will then bring up any books, online resources, government documents, or other materials that the library has on this subject. This is a good way to start your search in VIRGO.

When you are browsing the results of your subject search, if you see a book title that looks promising, another good search method is to look at the details for that book or item and see what other subjects it has listed. One of those subjects might be more specifically related to your area of research; if so, you can click on that subject heading and see a list of library resources on that new subject. For example, "Freedom of religion China Tibet" is a more specific subject that shows up in some of the book descriptions in the results of searching "Freedom of religion China"; for those researchers specifically interested in Tibet, the more specific subject would help provide more targeted results of library resources.

Religious Studies Subject Guide Page