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Religious Freedom

About This Page

There are many organizations that devote all or some significant proportion of their time and resources to defending religious freedom. A cursory examination of web pages that devote some attention to "religious freedom" will reveal a very broad understanding of the meaning of this concept. Consider, for example, the first three organizations in our alphabetical listing below: American Atheists, the American Center for Law and Justice, and the American Civil Liberties Union. These organizations are seemingly worlds apart in their understanding of the meaning of religious freedom. Yet, to know about these organizations, and what they do, is to understand why each professes a profound interest in religious freedom.

To argue that any of these organizations is not "really" interested in religious freedom is to defend a sectarian perspective that may be antithetical to religious freedom. Our criterion for inclusion of organizations here is broad; we have included all organizations that identify the defense of religious freedom as part of their mission statement. We have also included a listing of religious freedom web pages that have been created by individuals rather than organizations. Finally, we have a select list of general human rights pages. Some of these are truly remarkable sites that contain much information relevant to those who are interested in religious freedom. Lastly, please keep in mind that there are most certainly other religious freedom organizations that are not listed here.