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APA Citation

A guide to APA citation for the Science, Technology and Society Guide

Bibliographic Managers

Let's be honest - keeping track of all your references, writing citations, and make sure that everything that should be cited actually is... it's the worst. It's hands down the most most stressful part of any research project. Other than writing the thing.

But it doesn't have to be so hard!

There are already these magically little things called bibliographic managers and they exist solely to keep track of all your references, keep everything organized, and create in-text and bibliography citations for you!

  • Want to keep track of everything you look at for your project - tweets, websites, journal articles, books, newspaper, LITERALLY EVERYTHING?! DONE.
  • Want to have all your references for all your projects perfectly organized? DONE.
  • Want to work on finding resources with a group?! DONE.
  • Want to make sure that if your laptop experiences spontaneous combustion that you still have all your references backed up online??? DONE.
  • Want to create a in-text citation or your bibliography in 3 clicks of the mouse and ~4 seconds?!? DONE.

Check out which manager will work for you!