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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500

About Brown

Video Transcript - Brown Library

The Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library is in Clark Hall and is next to Thornton Hall. It’s also the closest library to most of the dorms. 


When you walk into Brown, you walk in on the Main Floor. There are two floors below you – the Intermediate and the Ground. And the layout of Brown consists of a central area and two wings - the East Wing (or what students often call Left Brown because it’s to your left) and the West Wing (or Right Brown). There are stairs behind the desk in the Reading Room and just as you enter each Wing. If you need an elevator, it’s in West Wing, or Right Brown, on your left. The text below this video will outline more details about the layout of each space. 


In addition to being the home to the Library’s science and engineering materials, Brown also has a variety of different study spaces. The Main floor includes options from long tables to study pods, reservable rooms and silent spaces. Directly in front of the entrance is where you find the Circulation desk in case you ever need help from the library staff. And the Reading Room, one of the silent spaces in Brown is through the doorways to each side of the Desk. I’ve included links to more details about these spaces as well as how to reserve group study rooms to those in the notes below. 


The Intermediate and Ground floors of Brown are where you’ll find spaces that are more what you might have expected from an academic library. These floors are where we house the print collections – both books and journals, and feature study carrels, armchairs tucked into the ends of the bookshelves (or what the librarians call stacks) as well as spaces for group work like the intermediate floor’s west wing. 


During this semester, Brown will be starting new hours and will be open from 8am to 2am Monday to Thursday with a weekend schedule for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. 

For more information about Brown’s hours this semester, reservable spaces, and more go to []

Main Floor

A map of the Main Floor of Brown Library with the entrance, Mural Hall, Greenberry's coffee shop, and East and West Wings noted.

Main Floor of Brown Library

You enter the Main Floor of Brown Library from the Mural Room of Clark Hall. 

The work desk for the librarians, often referred to as the Circulation Desk, is directly in front of you so you can get help or ask for directions as soon as you walk in.

Going around the Circulation Desk you'll find the Reading Room, a silent student space as well as stairs that lead to the lower floors. 

The East Wing (more commonly known as Left Brown because it's on the left) features individual study spaces including popular pod style seating and the UVAPrint station. Learn more about how to use those printing stations and how to use your CavAdvantage account to pay for printing.

The West Wing (or Right Brown) is filled with the more traditional long wooden library tables. It's still a quiet space during the day - there are faculty office above both wings of Brown Library so everyone tries to keep noise to a minimum to respect faculty work times. After 5pm, the noise level rises as everyone turns to more collaborative and group work. 

There are three sets of stairs in Brown that will lead you to the lower floors. The central staircase is behind the Circulation Desk in the Reading Room. The other two are in the two Wings - they're both just as you cross under the bridge walkways into the Wings. They're on the right in Left Brown and the left in Right Brown (that's not at all confusing!).

As you explore for the first few times, I recommend using the central staircase in the Reading Room. They're easier to find and you can clearly see the other levels as you move through Brown. 

Other Brown Library resources:

Intermediate Floor

Intermediate Floor of Brown LibraryA floor map of the Intermediate floor of Brown Library with the stairs, Journal stacks, and study areas noted.

After being on the Main Floor of Brown, the Intermediate floors will be a bit more what you expect of an academic library. There are lots of stacks - and stacks is library jargon for areas of shelves to hold print items. The entire Intermediate floor holds print Journals. 

It also the floor for the librarians offices. 

The final component of the Intermediate floor is study space. Here, you'll find individual study carrels tucked along the walls through the floor. From the central staircase, if you take a left, you'll find a small study area with long tables. 

To the right of the central staircase, you'll find the West Wing of the Intermediate floor has been turned entirely into a study space that includes reservable tables, whiteboard partitions, armchairs, and individual study tables. 


Ground Floor

Map of the ground floor of Brown Library noting the staircases and that the buik of the floor contains book stacks.The ground floor of Brown Library is dominated by stacks. Books on books on books down here. 

But there is study space tucked against the walls. You'll find more carrel scattered throughout, armchairs tucked at the end of the rows of shelving, and table areas tucked near windows. 

This is the space that many students enjoy because it's both a silent study space with a variety of cozy nooks absolutely surrounded by books. 


How do I get to Brown Library? 

The easiest way to find Clark Hall and then Brown Library (remember - Brown Library is part of Clark Hall) is to go from Thornton Hall. 

So, if you stand on the sidewalk facing Thornton Hall, Clark Hall is on the same side of the road, just over the bridge. 

A cropped map of UVA showing Thornton and Clark Hall

To get to Brown, you'll need to go over the bridge and up the hill to the main entrance to Clark Hall. Once you enter the building, walk straight back through the lobby and Mural Hall, and into the Library.