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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500

About Clemons

Transcript of Clemons Video

Clemons Library, or just Clem, is often referred to as the undergraduate library. Most of Clemons is dedicated to study space so there are a lot of options in this building whether you like a quiet or loud space, need to work solo, or are doing group work and need a reservable room. The general rule with Clemons is it descends in volume as you down down each floor with the Fourth floor, the one that you enter Clemons on, being the loudest and the First Floor being an absolutely quiet space. It’s one of the those library spaces where you can get glared at if you rattle papers too loudly down there. 


Clemons also houses the bulk of the media studies collection so there are a few unique items in this library including the DVD collection which includes not only documentaries and more academic titles but also seasons of tv shows and movies. We also have a fantastic collection of graphic novels and comic books in this library as well. 


For more information about studying in Clemons’ and accessing their collections, go to  []


In addition to the Library, Clemons also houses the George’s Student Center on the second floor which is not only a study space but home to a number of small meeting rooms with the purpose of hosting a variety of advising hours, workshops and more from office across the University. For more information visit []

Clemons 4th Floor

Floorplan of the fourth floor of Clemons LibraryClemons Library 4th Floor

In Clemons Library, you walk into the library at the top floor. 

The majority of Clemons is dedicated to study space. 

On the fourth floor, you'll find the Circulation desk if you need to ask Library staff any questions, scanners and public computers, vending machines, and a UVAPrint self serve area. 

Towards the back of Clemons is the DVD collection. 

The elevator and stairs for Clemons is located just to the right of the Entrance when you come into the Library. 

Additional Clemons Library resources:

Clemons 3rd Floor

Clemons Library Third FloorFloor plan of the third floor of Clemons Library

The third floor of Clemons is home to two of the Library's labs - the Robertson Media Center and the Scholar's Lab. 

Both of these spaces include publicly available study space as well as reservable space but is also home to a Virtual Reality exploration space, Makerspace, and reservable Mac computers with specialized software. 

Learn more about the Robertson Media Center

Learn more about the Scholars' Lab. 



Clemons 2nd Floor

Floor plan of the second floor of Clemons LibraryTotal Advising - Georges Center

The second floor of Clemons is home to the Dathel and John Georges Student Center. This space is "home to a number of small meeting rooms and conference rooms designed for flexible use by faculty, staff, and students. The well-lit space is popular with students looking for a place to study. During normal operations (not impacted by Covid-19 health concerns) approximately 20 different programs make use of the space each week for drop-in advising hours, workshops, and similar programs. These include offices such as Student Financial Services, Pre-Health and Law Advising, the Office of Undergraduate Research, the Office of Citizen Scholar Development, the College Life Skills Coach, the Contemplative Sciences Center, and many others."

Learn more about the Georges Center

Learn more about Total Advising

Georges Center Reservable Space

Clemons 1st Floor

Floor Plan of the first floor of Clemons LibraryClemons First Floor

The first floor of Clemons is split between stacks (more books on books) housed in compact shelving and study space.

This floor was renovated in 2020 and is a student favorite for absolutely silent study.