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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500

Research Data Services


Research Data Service is a department in the library that you probably didn’t expect. But as there’s more and more interest in the use of big data in research, there has been a new need to find datasets, create, preserve, and share datasets, and learning how to analyze and visualize data. And this is a perfect fit for the library because part of our mission is making information available and teaching our users how to leverage it! 


Research Data Services is located in Brown Library and offers a range of support to everyone at UVA. They can help you navigate the collections of data resources that we have in the library, and helping you find data and data sets, work with data, and using data software. 


The StatLab, located on the Main Floor in Right Brown, offers free consultation hours where you can go for help and support with statistics, data wrangling, using data analysis, data visualization, and support with a number of statistical software.


There’s even support for research software! There’s a huge list of what’s available at []. Some you might be interested right now in MatLab and SolidWorks. 


It’s not part of our collection but you can also get a free Education License for most AutoDesk software as well. Feel free to email me about how to do that! 


If you’d like to learn more about Research Data Services, and you should definitely check out the workshop series, their website is at <>