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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500


The Robertson Media Center, or the RMC, is located on the third floor of Clemons and is a space that supports digital projects whether it’s image, audio, video, animation, or virtual reality. There are a lot of options!


The RMC includes a variety of study spaces, reservable macs that include software like iMovie, and the Adobe suite as well as specialty spaces like a video recording room with professional lighting, camera, teleprompter, and audio, and an audio recording room with two sound booths and mixing station. There’s also a 3D printing lab (and 3D printing is free in the Library) as well as a Virtual Reality station where you can try out equipment like HTC Vives. The RMC also has equipment including cameras, mics, lighting equipment, and speakers that you can check out and use. 


There are also a variety of staff that can help you learn how to use the equipment (and the RMC desk is right in front of the entrance to the third floor if you need any help or what to check out equipment), answer questions about software, and help you figure out the scope of a project! They may teach a class for one of your courses or you can attend a free workshop that they teach through the semester. Definitely take advantage of all their expertise. 


I also want to note that generally the library staff doesn’t care if something is for a class or an assignment or it’s a passion project and something that you’re interested in. We’ve helped students develop projects for a course and make a music video for their band. If it’s something you want to work on then you’ll find support at the RMC or any of the Library’s labs and departments. 


How to use the various studios and checking out equipment is going to change over the course of this year. If any of these studios or tools sound like something you’d like to take advantage of check in with the RMC website at [] for more information.