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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500

Scholars' Lab Video


The Scholars’ Lab is a digital humanities lab located on the 3rd floor of Clemons with the RMC. They support projects asking humanist questions and using technology to answer them. They’re a community lab for the practice of experimental scholarship in all fields informed by digital humanities, spatial technologies, & cultural heritage thinking.


If you have no idea what that means, I like to describe the Scholars’ Lab as a group that helps UVA folks explore new ways to do research. They offer mentoring, collaboration and a safe space for anyone curious about learning new approaches. 


One of the popular services in the Scholars’ Lab is their Makerspace, This space is open to everyone at UVA and not only has equipment available like 3D printers, raspberry pi, Arduino kits, and sewing machines but also hosts a fantastic group of folks that can help you with any project that you’d like to tackle. Maple Visconti, featured here, is the official Hound Representative for the Lab.


Learn more about the Scholar’s Lab website at []

The Lab staff also really love dogs. This is Bofur Grizzle. 

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