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Library Orientation Tour

Library orientation tour for STS 1500

Library Buildings Video


Students use the libraries as places to study, do group work, hold meetings, and generally get things done. In a typical semester, it usually only takes until the second day of classes before the libraries are packed. We love that the libraries are so intensely used by our students. Now that you’re at UVA, feel free to explore and find the space for you. 


There are ten libraries in total. All are open to students to use and they’re each unique in their own way – they were built at different time periods, they have different furniture and vibes. Some are open and airy, some are packed with shelving and books, some are loud while others have utterly silent spaces. 


Many of the libraries are not only unique spaces but also have unique collections. Here at UVA and many other universities, we have a large collection that we can divide it up into different buildings. And we often do that to keep materials on the same subjects together. 


So you’ll find a Music library that has collection of sheet music, CDs, and literature about music, there’s a Health Science Library, a Fine Arts Library, a Physics library and so on. Sometimes they’re not named – the Music Library is just the Music Library. 


Some have names – Clemons Library gives no hints of its collection but is where we keep the general literature collection. Brown Library (often called Clark Library because it’s located in Clark Hall) is actually the Charles L. Brown Science and Engineering Library. You can see why we shorten it. It’s where you’ll find the engineering and STEM portions of the collection. 


In addition to open study spaces, the libraries also have researvable spaces including group study rooms. You can access a list of those rooms and how to reserve them at []. This website also lists the variety of resources within the libraries that range from printing stations, charging stations, to materials that are reserved for specific classes, to reference materials, and more. If you need to borrow a bike pump, iPhone charger or USB drive, you can check those out at Clemons and Brown Library. 


But the basics are if you need something – help, software, whiteboard markers, whatever. Please feel free to ask the staff at the Library desks and they’ll be happy to see how they can help.

UVA Library Map