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Civil War History - Microforms

Civil War History - Microforms: Personal Papers, Military Records, Photographs

The table below lists titles of selected papers of individuals in U.S. public life during the Civil War era, plus a collection of Mathew Brady Photographs, and a collection of 1861 Virginia military records.



Call No.

Adams, Charles Francis, 1807-1886. Papers.
[Adams Family Papers]
Abraham Lincoln's minister to England during the Civil War.

See guide for reel numbers

Micfilm 2221

Bancroft, George. Papers, 1811-1901.
Historian, diplomat and Lincoln supporter.

7 reels & guide

Micfilm 560
IVY Stacks

Black, Jeremiah S. Papers, 1813-1904.
Secretary of State, 1860-61

73 reels & guide

Micfilm 1003
IVY Stacks

Buchanan, James. Papers.
U.S. President 1856-1860

60 reels & guide

Micfilm 852

Cameron, Simon. Papers.
Secretary of War, 1861-62.

22 reels & guide

Micfilm 1384

Chandler, Zachariah. Papers, 1854-1899.
U.S. Senator from Michigan; associated with Radical Republicans.

4 reels & guide

Micfilm 1385

Child, Lydia Maria. Collected Corespondence, 1817-1880.
Prominent abolitionist and feminist

97 fiche & guide

Micfich 751

Civil War Photographs: a selection from the Mathew B. Brady Collection in the Prints and Photographs Division of the Library of Congress.

2 reels and guide

Micfilm 7455

Colfax, Schuyler. Papers, 1837-1882.
Speaker of House, 1863-69; Vice-President under Grant

2 reels & guide

Micfilm 538

Crittenden, John Jordan. Papers.
Kentucky congressman 1861-63; authored bill to reconcile North and South

14 reels & guide

Micfilm 528

Doolittle, James Rood. Papers, 1858-1927.
Republican Senator from Wisconsin, 1857-1869; in favor of compromise between north and south in 1860.

1 reel & guide

Micfilm 539

Everett, Edward. Papers.
Foremost orator of his era. Massachusetts Congressman, Senator and Governor. Resigned from Senate after failing to vote on Kansas-Nebraska act.

71 reels & guide

Micfilm 529

Giddings, Joshua Reed. Papers, 1821-1867.
Pennsylvania congressman, abolitionist

5 reels & guide

Micfilm 843
IVY Stacks

Grant, Ulysses S. Papers.
Union general and U.S. President.

32 reels & guide

Micfilm 1019

Hay, John. Papers.
A private secretary to Lincoln and one of his biographers.

23 reels & guide

Micfilm 588
IVY Stacks

Herbert, Hilary Abner. Papers.
Confederate soldier, congressman and Secretary of the Navy, from South Carolina.
Coverage: 1892-1919.

2 reels

Micfilm 7362

Kennedy, John Pendleton. Papers.
Founding member of the Maryland Historical Society, novelist, politician, public servant. See especially his journal from 1847-1869 (Item 7 on p.17, print guide.)

27 reels

Micfilm 516

Lincoln, Abraham. Papers.
U.S. President 1860-1865

97 reels & guide

Micfilm 70

Memminger, Christopher Gustavus. Papers.
South Carolina state legislator and Treasury Secretary of the Confederate government.

1 reel & guide

Micfilm 809
IVY Stacks

Papers of this English Officer Who Served in the Confederate Army. Henry Wemyss Feilden Papers. 

1 reel

Micfilm 7531

Records of the Virginia Forces, 1861.
These records form part of War Department collection of Confederate Records, Record Group 109.

7 reels and guide

Micfilm 7459

Ruffin, Edmund. Diary.
Fiery Southern nationalist, critic of Confederate government and founder of League of United Southerners.

7 reels & guide

Micfilm 526
IVY Stacks

Seward, William, H. Papers.
Secretary of State under Presidents Lincoln and Johnson.

198 reels & guide

Micfilm 1430

Sherman, William Tecumsah. The Sherman Family Papers.
Papers include portions of this Union general's Civil War diaries.

15 reels & guide

Micfilm 262

Stephens, Alexander Hamilton. Papers, 1784-1886.
U.S.Congressman from Georgia, Vice-President of the Confederacy. Topics covered include issues leading to Civil War, secession, conduct of the war, Reconstruction.

57 reels & guide

Micfilm 579

Trumbull, Lyman. Papers, 1843-1894.
Illinois Senator,1855-1873, opposed Kansas-Nebraska bill

22 reels & guide

Micfilm 973
IVY Stacks

Wade, Benjamin F. Papers, 1832-1886
Senate Chairman of Committee on Conduct of War, 1861-1865

11 reels and guide

Micfilm 527
IVY Stacks

Warmoth, Henry Clay. Papers.
Union officer, Reconstruction Governor of Louisiana

22 reels & guide

Micfilm 254
IVY Stacks