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MDST 3559 - Data Journalism [Chong S22]

Research Librarian for the Humanities

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Erin Pappas

Quick Links

Quick Links

Data and Statistics - All Sources        

Find Data by Topic

Virgo Catalog + Articles [Books, films, reference works, scholarly articles, popular press/magazines]

SAGE Research Methods - [Datasets, instructional videos, methods, cases and case studies, reference books and articles] 


Data Sources

Statista - [Consolidates statistical data on over 80,000 topics from more than 22,500 sources.] 

Data-Planet - [Repository of statistics and data sources. Major topics are: Finance, Crime, Education, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Government, Health, Housing, Industry, International, Labor, Environment, Population, Income, Cost of Living, Recreation, Stocks, and Transportation.

Roper Center for Public Opinion Research - [Archive of public opinion research. Includes over 12,000 US and 8,000 international datasets.] 

Dataverse Network - [One interface to search across many data archives, including ICPSR and Roper.] 


Databases and Journal Articles

ProQuest Congressional - [U.S. Congress: Political News and Social Media (up to 2018)]

Communication + Mass Media Complete — [Peer-reviewed articles, conference papers]

Google Scholar [Peer-reviewed articles, theses, dissertations, citations to books, working papers, conference papers]