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Library Orientation Tour

A guide for the library orientation tour using the HP Reveal app (formerly Aurasma)


The library orientation this year is a walking tour of a variety of locations in four different libraries. At each location, you'll use QR codes to access a video about the library or lab that you're in!

Why are we making you walk around? Because, let's face it, the libraries are kind of intimidating.

Photograph of the entrance of Brown Science and Engineering Library. Taken by Maggie Nunley Exhibit A

They're huge, there are thirteen of them, they're full of people, and (we're looking at you, Alderman) they're places that you're probably going to get lost in. This is your chance to take a friend, walk around, explore, and learn a little bit about what the libraries can do for you.

A transcript and accessible version of this tour are available upon request from your STS 1500 faculty or you can email Maggie, the STS Librarian.

Posters for the tour will be up from September 7th to the 22nd! Make sure to finish the tour before then.


Step 1 - Get Started

To complete the tour, you'll need:

1. Headphones

If you'd like to listen to the audio of each video, please use headphones to avoid disrupting others in the library.

**All the videos include captions if you'd like to mute the audio and just read along.

 2. A tablet or smartphone

The tour uses QR codes. Any smartphone or tablet camera should read these automatically. 

Here's a sample QR code to test:

If you do find that the QR codes aren't working on your device, there are tablets available to check out at the Brown circulation desk. Just ask to check one out at the desk (you only need your student ID) and the tablets checks out for 3 hours which should be way more time than you need to complete the orientation! If you have any problems or questions, please email me at

Step 2: Scan the Posters

Tour Outline:

You'll be finding eleven posters in four different libraries.

Take a friend! You don't have to do this alone. Each person has to take the quiz individually but groups are fine as long as you can all listen/read to the videos. 

1. Brown Library

  • Library Introduction - On the right hand side of the Brown Circulation Desk

  • Study Spaces - Left side of the East Wing (Left Brown)

  • Brown Library - Right side of the East Wing

  • RDS - East Wing, Intermediate floor, direction in front of the door

  • Finding a Book - In front of the central staircase on the Ground floor

  • Online Resources - You'll have to find a book to find the poster!

2. Special Collections Library

  • At the entrance to the lower level of Harrison/Small, right in front of the staircase

3. Alderman Library

  • At the elevator at old stacks - enter Alderman and walk straight back past the circulation desk, down a hallway and you can't miss it
  • Scholars' Lab - To the right of the Scholars' Lab entrance - take a left when entering Alderman, go past the cafe. When the hallway ends, it's on your right

4. Clemons Library

  • To the right on a column next to the leather chairs!
  • Robertson Media Center - At the entrance to the 3rd floor, on a column just to the left of the desk

You don't actually have to complete the tour in this order. But the videos are set up to lead you from one poster to the next in this order which may be helpful. You do you.

At each, you'll find a poster to scan.

They're not hidden. They should be visible from each entrance. If you don't see the poster, ask at the library desk.

Watch the videos, learn things, explore while you're there!

We set the videos to keep playing even if you move away from the posters. So feel free to wander around. Just be careful to look up so you don't trip over anything!

Gif of man talking on the phone with text "how do you know about the library"

Library Map

Map of all twelve UVA libraries

Step 3: Take a Quiz

At some point in the tour, you'll find the quiz code!

You need to text the code to the phone number provided to get a link to the quiz. (Hint: Look for a poster with a giant yellow star on it.)

Make sure to submit the quiz! Then you can select continue and you have the option to email yourself a confirmation that you completed it. 

Problems, issues, complications, not working?

Step 4

You're done!

Gif of actor Matt Smith playing the Eleventh Doctor from Doctor Who and looking very excited.


Many, many of you still had questions or things you still wanted to know about the libraries! Maggie can't leave a question unanswered! Since you shared them in the quiz, Maggie is answering them all on this page. Keep sharing your questions and she'll keep updating the page with the answers!

If you have any problems, issues, or concerns, please email Maggie about how she can help.