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Research Data Management

This guide offers guidance and resources for managing research data in any discipline.

Manage Your Data Better

Welcome to the Research Data Management LibGuide! This guide is maintained by the Research Data Management team at UVA Library. Here, we cover important concepts, outline best practices, and share some useful resources.

If you require research data management guidance or troubleshooting, or have other questions about how to manage your data that go beyond what we cover here, please reach out to us at We will work with you one-on-one to address your data management issues and concerns.

Our Services

The research data management team is part of UVA Library's Research Data Services, alongside StatLab, data discovery and access, and research software support. We are happy to help and offer the following services:

  • Consulting with faculty, postdocs, and research staff on ways to incorporate and implement research data management best practices
  • Advising for drafting data management plans (DMPs) and fulfilling grant funder requirements for data management, including data storage, data sharing and data archiving
    • We will also review DMPs submitted through DMPTool and offer suggestions
  • Helping to answer questions about and make recommendations for use of metadata standards, choice of data repositories, and similar topics
  • Offer guidance to help researchers conduct more open, transparent, and reproducible research
    • Including how to use software tools, automation, and computational resources
  • Design and lead workshops geared toward teaching research data management skills
  • Inform faculty and researchers about UVA resources and policies relevant to their work

While we hope this Guide is a useful resource for you, every research project is unique, has its own needs, and comes with its own problems to be solved. We will better be able to help you with your specific research data management concerns if you request a consult with us.