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HIUS 4501-3 United States Encounters Islam, 1776-1830

Searching Virgo

Searching Virgo

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Finding Scholarly Articles

America History and Life  Covers the history of the United States and Canada from prehistory to present with records from 2,000 English-language journals published worldwide. Includes book reviews.

                       Advanced Search:   "foreign policy" AND Mediterranean      Historical Period = 1800 - 1815

Historical Abstracts  Search for
articles about the history of the world from 1450 to the present, published in over 2,000 journals from many countries. Includes book reviews. Does not include articles about the US or Canada. For these see America: History & Life, above..


JSTOR  Full-text backfiles of many important scholarly journals. Coverage is usually from the first issue to 3-5 years before the present. Advanced Search gives you more control over your search results.

                                           Advanced Search:  Islam AND "American slaves"        Item Type = Articles
Journals by Discipline = African-American Studies; History; Middle East Studies      

Collections of Historical Newspapers, Magazines & Books

America's Historical Newspapers, 1690-1922  Searchable full text collection of U.S. newspapers.  Can limit by place.

                                   Search:  Jefferson and Tripoli        Custom Date Range = 1801-1803

Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers  Searchable full text and page images of several hundred U.S. newspapers from the 19th century. You can limit your search to particular states or cities.

                                   Search:   Algiers      By Date = 1812-1816

 Burney Collection Newspapers - 17th & 18th Century  1,270 newspapers and news pamphlets from the United Kingdom. From the collection at the British Library.


Nineteenth Century British Library Newspapers  Searchable full text  of 48 national and regional British newspapers.


Times Digital Archive, 1785-1985  Search the full text of The Times (London).


Early American ImprintsSeries I: Evans, 1639-1800.   Series II: Shaw-Shoemaker, 1801-1819  Searchable full text with page images of books published in 17th, 18th and  early 19th-century America. The collection can also be browsed by genre, subject, author, printer, place of publication, and language.  Early American Imprints includes the journals of both houses of Congress, which can be searched in this way: "Journal of the Senate of the United States of America" 1794  or  "Journal of the House of Representatives of the United States" 1805.

                                                              Search Series I, Evans:     Mahomet*
Also Browse By   Subjects:  Religion /  Islam  [ and Muslims ]


Eighteenth Century Collections Online: ECCO, 1701-1800  Searchable full text and page images for books, almanacs, broadsides, magazines, pamphlets, etc in any language from the British Isles and North America, and in English from the rest of the world.

                                     Search (by Keyword):   Barbary N10 slave*      Years of Publication = 1750-1800


American Periodicals Series  Full text of over 1,000 magazines and journals published in the U.S. between 1740 and 1900.

                                     Advanced Search:  trade AND Barbary        Date range = 1790-1815   

Additional Sources

Naval Documents Related to the United States Wars With the Barbary Powers  A collection of documents relating to naval operations during several wars between the United States and the Barbary Powers of northern Africa.  The documents are arranged chronologically, according to when they were written; however, documents bearing dates later than the events they describe are arranged according to the dates of the events.  Can use "Search in this Text" to locate specific search terms. If you get the message "Indexing in Progress...." click on "Try Your Query Again."

Click on volume 2:   "Search in this Text"  = Madison

ProQuest Congressional Full-text information by and about the U.S. Congress, including testimony before Congressional hearings, the Congressional Record and its predecessors, the Serial Set, legislative histories of laws, biographical information on members, etc.
                                       Advanced Search:  Navy      Date is Between = Jan 1, 1794 -Dec 31, 1805

Rotunda: New Digital Scholarship from the University of Virginia Press     Online primary and secondary sources and collections in American history and culture. "American Founding Era" presents digital editions of the papers of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Dolley Madison, and John Adams, with other collections by Founders planned. "American Century" focuses on figures of the 20th century, and "19th-Century Literature and Culture" includes correspondence and works by American and British authors of the era.

                                                    In Papers of James Madison:   Search  text = Barbary
Name 1  Madison, James = as author     Name 2  Cathcart, James Leander = as recipient

Founders Online Correspondence and writings of George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and family, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, and James Madison.  Based upon the published printed collections of their works, but also includes thousands of documents that have not yet been published.

                         Search:  Barbary     Limit search results by  Author = Jefferson    Limit period by = Confederation

U.S. History in Context  An excellent starting point to get an overview of a topic.  Consists of historical encyclopedia articles, journal articles, and some primary source materials.

                                Search:  Barbary Wars               Search: Islam America