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ENWR 1510: The Grass Class

Guide supporting research done in Hannah Dierdorff's ENWR 1510 classes.


Virgo is the UVA Library catalog. Use Virgo to search material the UVA Library owns, like books, films, and Special Collections manuscripts, as well as some of the articles we have access to.

General Databases

These databases search across many different subjects and fields, and can be a great place to start your research.

Reference Resources

Reference resources can provide good background information on a number of subjects.

Subject-Specific Databases

These are just a few of the many databases the UVA Library offers that contain material in a specific subject area - for example, biology or history. These resources generally contain academic sources, though ArtSTOR is mostly images of artworks.

Use Subject Guides in your areas of interest to identify additional databases as needed.