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Welcome to the research dashboard for ARH 7040 - Metropolis. The dashboard provides quick links to the resources you need for your research and assignments. Whether you are online or on-Grounds, UVA Library services and support are available to all students. 

Your Librarian

Your Librarian is Rebecca Coleman

Photograph of a woman with short hair wearing dark glasses.Each school/department at UVA is assigned a research librarian. Connect with Rebecca for help with your assignments. This service is available to all students, and meeting with a librarian early in your research process can help you save time and get a better grade.

Rebecca can help with: refining your topic, gathering research, finding images and site documentation, locating maps and data, organizing your research, citations, and more! She can meet with you in-person or online via Zoom.

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Ask a Librarian

Sign Up for Library events

Sign up for Library orientations, workshops, and events with our online calendar. UVA Library programming is offered in-person and online.

Search for academic articles

Academic databases contain peer-reviewed articles, images, reports, news, and more. These are the most used databases for architectural history research.

Find Books

Find Maps

Reference Resources

Reference resources include dictionaries, encyclopedias and other sources that offer access to factual information. Many of these resources are deeply focused on particular subjects, which can help you to find the appropriate definition for a particular discipline or time period.

Historic Newspapers

Google Tips & Tricks

These tips can help you locate better information on the web, faster.  But remember- a lot of information is not freely available on the web, no matter how well you search!  

  • Put quotation marks around words that you want to stick together as a phrase
  • Add "" to the end of your search to ONLY search websites on government domains
  • Add "" to search only the content of a specific site (for example:!)
  • Add "filetype:pdf" to ONLY search for information you think is likely to be in PDF format (reports, documents, etc.)
  • Use the minus sign or dash to eliminate results that are off target (Example:  food system -digestive)
  • Remember that Google is only a computer, and doesn't understand the concepts in your search.  So, try your search using different keywords and phrases that mean the same thing. 

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