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Library resources for anthropology

Native American Prehistory Library Guide

Here's a guide which I've developed for this session – the best guide to begin with is the Anthropology Library Guide


My role and the session – to introduce briefly the library resources, mainly online, but lots of print also available.  First the library and it’s catalog; and second databases.  Describing and searching some. At the beginning and end discussing the RefWorks citation software.

1A. The Library home page – point to contacts, hours, maps, as well as Off-grounds access, InterLibrary Loan and sign in. Purchase requests.

1B. Log into Refworks with UVa Code

1B. Search VIRGO – both the catalog and articles.  The left side (books and journal titles), followed by right side (articles). Possible search terms – lots of possible search terms or keywords - chiefdoms, inequality or "origin of inequality," hierarchy, cultural evolution, Olmec, Moundville, Etowah, Paquime (or Casas Grandes), Cahokia, Hohokam, Chaco, Poverty Point, Natchez, Chumash, Oaxaca.  Names of people: Richard Lesure, Kent Flannery, Joyce Marcus, Barbara Stark, Charles Spencer, Timothy Pauketat, Vincas Steponaitis, Christopher Peebles, George Milner, Michael Coe, Jeanne Arnold.

 2. Look at Guides –  Anthropology

 3. Look at Databases

 Pattern, steps. - 1. Search, analyze and modify, re-search. 2. Results – explore and browse results, examine one or two records, modify and re-examine, and then 3. select the few best ones, and 4. store (print, email, or download)

 Search databases.

   1. Academic Search Complete

   2. JSTOR

   3. Athropology Plus

   4. Search combined Ebsco databases of History – Bibliography of Native Americans, America: History & Life, ATLA Religion Database with ATLASerials, Historical Abstracts, etc.)

   5. Human Relations Area Files

    6. Worldcat First Search also called OCLC for discovering books which UVa library does not have.

4. RefWorks at  Set up folders, develop bibliographies, install and use Write-N-Cite for footnotes. Click on Help to view tutorials and learn, such as about write-n-cite.

 Summary review, emphasize access and contacts.

 Philip McEldowney 924-4987