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Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racist Curriculum in Education and Human Development

Syllabi Review Office Hours

Your librarian will happily review syllabi to suggest anti-racist readings that the Library owns or that we could purchase for you. 


Your librarian is a cisgender, able-bodied, white woman. Due to my positionality, I have limits and hidden biases. This guide is a work in progress and not exhaustive coverage. I am working to gather resources that will support our work as a School of Education and Human Development at a PWI (predominantly white institution) with a legacy of oppression, repression, and white supremacy. Feedback and suggestions are encouraged.

Recognition Statement

At the University of Virginia Library in Charlottesville, we acknowledge that the land where we learn and work is the ancestral homeland and traditional territory of the Monacan Indian Nation. We pay respect to their elders and knowledge keepers — past and present. 

We acknowledge and pay respect to the enslaved Africans, enslaved laborers, and free Black laborers who built UVA, as well as their descendants.

Today we acknowledge the land, we acknowledge labor, traditions, and knowledge, and we acknowledge lives.


Black Lives Matter.

Your librarian designed this online guide to support developing an anti-racist curriculum for the School of Education and Human Development. These issues should not be new to us as a school. As current and future educators, administrators, policymakers, clinicians, counselors, and researchers we see the damage caused by systemic racism and oppression EVERY DAY in our work. It is our duty to take action, combat white supremacy, and advocate for our Black peers, students, patients, and community members.

The resources provided are mapped to our school's program pathways. Navigate using the menu tabs to explore resources to incorporate in your courses. As always, connect with your librarian for additional resources and to provide feedback!


Dr. Kendi's TED Talk, The Difference Between Being "Not Racist" and Antiracist