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Researching British Women Writers

Guide for Wikipedia Women Writers Edit-a-Thon attendees suggesting UVA library resources to consult for information/resources to add to a Wikipedia page.

BWWC2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Your Hosts:

Alison Booth, UVA English Dept. & UVA Library Scholars' Lab

Laura Miller, UVA Library Scholars' Lab 

Sherri Brown, UVA Library 

Lane Rasberry, UVA School of Data Science

Kirstyn Leuner, Dept. of English, Santa Clara University 

Workshop info and Introduction to Wikipedia editing

View a digital copy of the BWWC 2023 Wikipedia Edit-a-thon handout

BINGO Card link. 

Also available is a list of named women writers in the BWWC 2023 conference program. 

The first five minutes of this video from the Wikimedia Community Ireland will show you how to sign up for an account for editing on Wikipedia. Watch longer if you want tips and tricks for getting started with generating content in your sandbox and editing within an existing article.

Biography & Bio-Critical Databases

Find Historical Newspapers & Periodicals

The following resources will allow for searching in historical periodicals (some include newspapers along with other serials).

The following resources will allow for searching in historical newspapers. 

Specialized Biographical Ebooks

Below are examples of themed biographical compilations accessible as ebooks at UVA.