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Latin American & Iberian Studies

Provides annotated links to scholarly resources of particular interest to students & faculty researching at U.Va.


Collaborative Caribbean Collections:

Selecting the most recent intellectual production for

Caribbean Studies & Indigenous Studies 

A COVID-19 response 




Information on an initiative designed to palliate the consequences of  COVID-19 in our regular library acquisition process for collections that can be pivotal in your research and teaching activities.

We are asking for your sincere collaboration, and your direct feedback to acquire the materials we are introducing here is essential.  We consider this action extremely important.

We have created a web site with complete full information about this initiative and every title included in the lists. To facilitate the website navigation, we have organized all the information by country of publication.

You have until April 15 to mark titles included in this list.

Please visit the following website

Let us know if you have any feedback or questions about this initiative by sending an email to: