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List of Tibetan-English Dictionaries


Tibetan-English Dictionary, The Illuminator (Web). Important instructions for new users. Developed by Tony Duff. The Illuminator is a modern Tibetan-English dictionary, with hypertexted entries in both Tibetan and transliterated English, allowing searches in either style. Terms, verbs, and grammar explanation are taken from several sources such as "The Great Tibetan-Chinese Dictionary," the House of Cloves," and secret mantrayana ritual. The items are arranged to be searched by Tibetan word or secondarily by transliterated Tibetan. The full definitions make this scholarly dictionary similar to an encyclopedia.This dictionary focuses on the many terms in the Buddhist religion.
Tibetan-English Dictionary by SC Das (Web). Important instructions for new users. This is a completely new edition of the print dictionary, which had over 1300 pages and more than 10,000 terms. The original dictionary's English has been carefully edited and cleaned up. Sanskrit origins or equivalents make this useful in conjunction with other Tibetan texts.
Tibetan to English Dictionary and Translation Tool (Web), a tool to automate the Tibetan to English translation process. 1) Public version 2) Version restricted to University of Virginia researchers
Brief Description: The Online Tibetan to English Scanner/Dictionary is a tool which uses Java applets and servlets to automate the Tibetan to English translation process by breaking up Tibetan phrases into component parts and displaying their dictionary definitions.
Availability of Two Versions: Since there are copyright and security issues with regards to the data the utility uses, two versions are currently available. Both versions run in both platforms (as a servlet and as an applet).
One is publicly available using The Rangjung Yeshe Tibetan-English Dictionary of Buddhist Culture and an updated version of Jim Valby's Dictionary.
The second version is only available with restricted access to the University of Virginia network using the publicly available dictionaries plus a dictionary compiled by Jeffrey Hopkins and other additional data which the University owns rights for internal use only. People affiliated to the UVa can run only the internal servlet version outside of the UVa network through the ITC Proxy Server (requiring a user and password).
Note: Even though it was not developed for commercial purposes, the source code is currently not available.

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