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Kanjur and Tanjur list

Kanjur (bka' 'gyur) and Tanjur (Bstan 'gyur):
list of different versions and formations
Nawang Thokmey, University of Virginia Library

So far I have identified that we have fourteen different editions of Kanjur and Tanjur in our Tibetan collection in Alderman Library; all these are in different formats in pecha, book, microfiche, and C.D. Here they are:

Dpe Cha form:

1. Sde dge kanjur and tanjur (bka' 'gyur & bstan 'gyur)
* Kanjur-sde dge mtshal par bka' 'gyur, v.103
* Tanjur-sde dge bstan 'gyur, v.203

2. Lhasa kanjur and tanjur gser bres ma
* Kanjur, v.100
* Tanjur, v.224

3. Tog Palace (Ladakh) manuscript of the Tibetan kanjur, v.109

4. Narthang Tanjur- v.1-80,

5. Bon po Tanjur-v.320

Book form:

6. Peking edition Kanjur and tanjur
* Kanjur, v.45
* Tanjur, v.105

7. Nyingma edition Kanjur and Tanjur
* Kanjur, v.36
* Tanjur, v.81

8. Urga version Kanjur, v.105

9. Tokyo Tanjur (sde dge (v.52) dbu ma, sems tsam, and tsa ma.


10. Phu-brag kanjur, v.120
11. Narthang kanjur, v.100
12. Lhasa kanjur, v.101
13. Co ne tanjur, v.209

14. bka' 'gyur sde dge

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