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RUSS 5380 - Russian Post-Modernism (Clowes)

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ABSEES Core Journals

Title ISSN
ASEEES NewsNet 1074-3057
Ab Imperio: Studies of New Imperial History and Nationalism in the Post-Soviet Space 2166-4072
Ancient Civilizations from Scythia to Siberia 0929-077X      
Anthropology of East Europe Review 1054-4720
Ararat: Quarterly Journal of Armenian Literature, History and the Arts 0003-7583
Armenian Review 0004-2366
ARTMargins 1941-4102
Balkanistica 0360-2206
Canadian Slavonic Papers = Revue canadienne des slavistes 0008-5006
Canadian - American Slavic Studies = Revue - Americaine d'etudes slaves 0090-8290
Carl Beck Papers in Russian and East European Studies Not supplied
Central Asian Affairs 2214-2282
Cold War International History Project Bulletin 1071-9652
Communist and Post-Communist Studies 0967-067X
Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization 1074-6846
Dostoevsky Studies 1013-2309
East Central Europe = L'Europe du center-est 0094-3037
Eastern European Economics 0012-8775
East European Politics and Societies 0888-3254
East European Quarterly 0012-8449
East-West Education 0899-0247
East-West Church & Ministry Report 1069-5664
Eurasian Geography and Economics 1538-7216
Europe-Asia Studies 0966-8136
Experiment: A Journal of Russian Culture 1084-4945
Folklorica 1920-0242
Germano-Slavica: A Canadian Journal of Germanic and Slavic Comparative Studies 0317-4956
Glossos 1544-404X
Harriman Review 0896-114X
Harvard Ukrainian Studies 0363-5570
Holodomor Studies 1947-993X
Hungarian Studies Review 0713-8083
International Journal of Baltic Law 1648-9349
International Journal of Slavic Linguistics and Poetics 0538-8228
Journal for East European Management Studies 0949-6181
Journal of Baltic Studies 0162-9778
Journal of Cold War Studies 1520-3972
Journal of Croatian Studies 0075-4218
Journal of East European Law (JEEL) 1537-7342
Journal of Modern Russian History and Historiography 1947-9956
Journal of Slavic Linguistics 1068-2090
Journal of Slavic Military Studies 1351-8046
Journal of Ukrainian Studies 0228-1635
KinoKultura 1478-6567
Kosmas: Czechoslovak and Central European Journal 1056-005X
Kritika: Explorations in Russian and Eurasian History 1531-023X
Lituanus 0024-5089
Nabokov Online Journal 1911-8422
Nabokov Studies 1080-1219
Nabokovian 0894-7120
Nationalities Papers 0090-5992
New Zealand Slavonic Journal 0028-8683
Occasional Papers on Religion in Eastern Europe 1069-4781
Polish Review 0032-2970
Post-Communist Economies 1463-1377
Post-Soviet Affairs 1060-586X
Problems of Economic Transition 1061-1991
Problems of Post-Communism 1075-8216
Pushkin Review 1526-1476
Region: Regional Studies of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Central Asia 2166-4307
Review of Central and East European Law 0925-9880
Revolutionary Russia 0954-6545 
Russian Education and Society 1060-9393
Russian History = Histoire russe 0094-288X
Russian Linguistics 0304-3487
Russian Literature 0304-3479
Russian Politics and Law 1061-1940
Russian Review 0036-0341
Russian Social Science Review 1061-1428
Russian Studies in History 1061-1983
Russian Studies in Literature 1061-1975
Russian Studies in Philosophy 1061-1967
Sarmatian Review 1059-5872
Scando-Slavica 0080-6765       
Serbian Studies 0742-3330
Slavic and East European Information Resources 1522-8886
Slavic and East European Journal 0037-6752
Slavic and East European Performance 1069-2800
Slavic Review 0037-6779
Slavonica 1745-8145
Slovene Studies 0193-1075
Southeastern Europe 0094-4467
St. Vladimir's Theological Quarterly 0036-3227
Studies in East European Thought 0925-9392
Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema 1750-3132
Studies in Slavic Cultures (SISC) 1527-3776
Symposion: A Journal of Russian Thought 1521-2149
Tolstoy Studies Journal 1044-1573
Toronto Slavic Quarterly (TSQ) 1708-3885
Ukrainian Quarterly 0041-6010
Ulbandus 0163-450X
Zapiski Russkoi Akademicheskoi Gruppy v S.Sh.A.Transactions of the Association of Russian-American Scholars in the U.S.A. 0066-9717