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Virginia Depositories - Status of Cataloging

Status of Virginia Depository Cataloging

Status of Federal Documents Cataloging
in Virginia Depository Libraries
LibraryDepository DesignationSelection %Online Cataloging RecordsHoldings in OCLC
Alexander Mack Memorial Library, Bridgewater College 1902 17.29% Government documents which resemble books; also, most of the documents on the "Essential Titles for Public Use in Paper Format" list. Yes
Chesapeake Public Library 1970 14% 1996-1997 - all materials began being cataloged.
The retrospective cataloging done at the time was comprehensive.
Swem Library
College of William and Mary
1936 58% January 1990 - 99% (everything except slip materials, USGS quad maps and ocean charts--latter two are sent to branch libs which don't add them to our catalog)
Have almost completed adding 1976-1989 Congressional titles. Other titles added after circulation. Plans for other focused retro projects. (e.g. all Library of Congress titles, all BLS bulletins)
Marshall-Wythe Law Library, College of William and Mary 1978 8.5% 1989 -- About 99% of current receipts are cataloged. Prior to that time, cataloged those items sent to Cataloging by the Documents/Reference librarian.
Approximately 95% of our retrospective items in separate SuDocs classification have been reviewed and cataloged in LC over the years since 1978. We only place in a separate SuDocs classification items we consider ephemeral. We do have some backlogs in retrospective print serials. Most of our SuDocs microfiche are not cataloged.
Kelly Library
Emory & Henry College
1884 23% July 1998
Cataloging 99%.
Prior to 1998, cataloged documents if they had reference value or were on a topic of interest to our students and faculty.
Estimate about 10 -15%.
Fenwick Library
George Mason University
1960 52% 1993 - All current receipts are in online catalog.
Do not catalog USGS topo maps.
All serials are cataloged. Monographs received prior to 1976 are cataloged.
George Mason University Law Library 1981 11% 1995 - but began Marcive service in July 2000
Some materials in online catalog prior to 1995.
Eggleston Library
Hampden Sydney College
1891 -- -- --
Harvey Library
Hampton University
1977 -- -- --
Wyndham Robertson Library
Hollins University
1967 23% About 1994 - all current receipts in online catalog
Retrospective cataloging of all older materials undertaken as time permits. Most have been cataloged.
Carrier Library
James Madison University
1973 57.26% 1976 -- All current receipts are in the online catalog.
Most receipts from 1976 forward are in the OPAC.
Retrospective cataloging began in the fall of 2001 and will cover from 1982 forward. We are very selectively going back and cataloging sources before 1976.
No federal documents are in OCLC with the exception of LC classed documents such as those in reference. We have no plans to retrospectively go back and put our holdings on OCLC because of the expense. It would cost us close to $100,000.
Joint Forces Staff College Library 1963 15% 1987 -- 90% of document collection is cataloged
retrospective cataloging--items are cataloged as they are indentified and records are available in OCLC. Original cataloging of these items is done as time permits.
Library of Virginia Unknown, but early 19th century 50% 1990 - to present, all materials received are listed in the online catalog.
Serials holdings 1995 - present.
1976- 1989 retrospective cataloging added for Congressional hearings.
Continue retrospective cataloging projects, have completed the Smithsonian Institution, working on Y 3's, War Department, Agricultural Bulletins, Water Supply Bulletins. Other titles added after circulation.
Simpson Library
Mary Washington College
November 7, 1940 24% All depository materials are included in online catalog
Microfiche retrospective cataloging is complete
Norfolk Public Library 1895 -- -- --
Perry Library
Old Dominion University Library
1963 61% 1990 -- to present
very selective retrospective cataloging -- have done most serials (including many statistical series), some agencies e.g. Defense, State, Smithsonian. All CD-ROMs and are working on a map project. Also catalog circ-on-the-fly materials when they are returned.
Yes & No
We were posting our holdings when we first started cataloging in 1990. When we started purchasing Marcive records in 1995-96 we stopped entering our holdings on OCLC because of additional costs. Will try to revisit this with administration.
Fintel Library, Roanoke College 1886 15% 1993 for all receipts, prior to that just selected titles were cataloged (mostly paper items that had OCLC bibrecords).
-All paper was retrospectively cataloged, all serial microfiche was done, no monographic microfiche prior to 1993 was done.
Holdings symbols are added and deleted from OCLC bibrecords, and Union Listing volume information is also kept up-to-date for serial publications
U.S. Court of Appeals, 4th Circuit 1973 5.31% 1978 --I catalog all titles into our online catalog. However, I do not catalog individual Hearings. When we converted to an online catalog, the information from the tapes going back to 1978 was put on our online catalog. Since I have been cataloging everything and did all the retrospective prior to going online, there is no retrospective cataloging still to be done. Yes
Academy Library
U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
1970 -- -- --
U.S. Geological Survey Library 1963 17.41% 1975 -- We catalog all print and electronic materials. We do not catalog microfiche, however. We began retrospective cataloging about 2 years ago, although we cannot devote much staff time to this project due to budget shortfalls. The emphasis has been on cataloging older USGS materials from the collection. Yes
U.S. Marine Corps Research Center Library 1967 -- -- --
Scientific and Technical Information Center
U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
1986 4% appx. 1995 --all documents are cataloged Yes
Boatwright Memorial Library
University of Richmond
1900 48% 1995 -- All documents whose records are provided by MARCIVE. Should be everything shipped by GPO.
Retrospective -- Very selective and very little. Only some documents which have received use or which previous documents librarians have otherwise wished to include in the catalog. We haven't done any retrospective cataloging since I started work here. But that may change next year!
University of Richmond
Law Library
1981 6% 1981-present
comprehensive--all holdings received under depository status have been added
Load individual records for CIS Serial Set microfiche when the records become available.
Shannon Library, University of Virginia 1910
Regional since 1968
100% 1976 (Marcive)
-Selectively prior to 1976
-LC "popular name" documents in VIRGO
No - for US documents
-International & Virginia documents are in OCLC
Morris Law Library, UVA 1964 23% 1976 - (Marcive)
-retrospectively cataloging remainder of collection as time permits
-adding CIS microfiche holdings to VIRGO as time permits
Yes & No - 1989 to present
Some pre-1989 documents are in OCLC, some are not
John Cook Wyllie Library
University of Virginia's College at Wise
1999 (Appalachian School of Law -- selective housing agreement)
approx. 7% UvaWise
approx. 5% ASL
2000 - UVaWise (90% of receipts still processed manually)
1999 ASL (all receipts)
100% of serial bibliographic records are cataloged (100% of UVaWise serials have Marc holdings statements in the catalog)
100% of monographs are cataloged
Virginia Commonwealth University Library 1971 75% 1994 -- We catalog all current receipts
We are currently in the process of cataloging all retropective (pre 1994) items. This project is currently 10% complete.
We post holding to OCLC for all current receipts and for retrospectively cataloged items as cataloged.
Preston Library
Virginia Military Institute
1874 16.21% February 2000 - began cataloging new monographs into online catalog.
Serials will be added in the future.

Retrospective Cataloging - HE, NASA, NF, P-Pr-PrEx, T, Y 1, and Y 10 complete
Retrospective cataloging of classes A, D, and TD has not been completed yet.
Virginia State Law Library 1973 5.14% 1992 - began cataloging in online catalog

Selected documents cataloged in paper based catalog beginning in 1982
Johnston Memorial Library
Virgina State University
1907 24.5% 1994-1997 - Selected government titles cataloged
1997- all government documents which are sent to the bindery are cataloged in VTLS
1997- all documents which are cataloged are in OCLC
Estimate that 15% of collection is in online catalog
Exploring retrospective conversion
1997- all titles sent to the bindery are in OCLC
University Libraries
Virginia Tech University
1907 74% Began comprehensively cataloging in 1993. In 2000 we made the decision to stop cataloging maps.
Cataloging throughout the years has been very selective. Many items, both fiche and paper are in sudoc numbers uncataloged.
Leyburn Library
Washington & Lee University
1910 16% 1993 - 100%
retrospective cataloging is complete
School of Law Library
Washington & Lee University
1978 13.5% 1995 -- 100% current receipts
retro of paper documents complete fiche barely started