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Digitization Guidelines

About This Guide

This guide is intended as a resource for those interested in current digitization practices at the University of Virginia Library. Many departments and individuals are involved with digitization, and the appropriate contacts for specific formats or interests are below.

The Library strives to follow nationally accepted standards and practices for digitization, metadata, and textual markup - particularly in regard to preservation reformatting of rare and unique materials and formats. 

Material Standards and Practices Contact

Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Images

Image Digitization

Digital Curation Services



Audio Standards

Video Standards

Preservation Services



Metadata Notes

Cataloging and Metadata Services

Ivey Glendon, Metadata Librarian

Digital Text Markup, e.g. TEI Text Markup

Digital Curation Services

UVa Library Community Digitization Guidelines: PDF


Members of the UVa community interested in beginning their own digital project should contact their subject librarian, or visit:

The Scholars' Lab:

  • Resources for digital projects in the humanities or social sciences.
  • Located in Shannon Library, 4th floor.
  • Contact: Eric Johnson, Head, Outreach and Consulting, 

Digital Media Lab:

  • Resources for projects involving the convergence of media and technology, such as digital imaging, audiovisual production and post-production, physical interactivity, 2D/3D animation, and mobile technologies.
  • Located in Clemons Library, 3rd floor.
  • Contact:

Fine Arts Library:

  • Equipped with scanners and image editing software.
  • Contact: Ann Burns, Image Management Librarian,

Scientific Data Consulting:


If you are looking for locations for self-service scanning in the Library, please visit:

  * Handy helpsheets available from the Scholars' Lab:

To request digitization of Special Collections materials, please use the online request form:

For UVa faculty wishing to request scanning of materials for teaching or research, please visit: