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*English Language & Literature

A guide to conducting research in English language and literature at the University of Virginia Library

Finding New Resources

The RSS feeds below are set up to show you the most recently acquired books in Literature in General (LC call numbers PN1-PN1009), English Literature (PR), and American Literature (PS).  

A longer list of new resources, including: databases, books by call number, videos, journals, and data sources and software, can be found on the New Resources at the Library research guide:

Another way to see to the latest titles by call number is to use Virgo's Catalog Advanced Search feature. On the left side you can limit results by Call Number Range (e.g., PN1993-PN1999-Motion Pictures). If you place a check by that call number range and run a search with no other terms or limits, you should get a list of all items with that call number, which you can sort by date received in order to see what is newest to UVA Library. 

New in English Literature

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New in American Literature

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