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ENWR 1510: The Personal and the Political

This guide supports the research done in Professor Curley's ENWR 1510 class in Spring 2021

This page contains resources that should help you find the evidence you need to support your argument. However, there are many other resources that the UVA Library offers, which you can access from the Research page on the library website. If you are having trouble finding the evidence you need, please contact Cecelia Parks or Todd Burks, the librarians for this class, for help, or use the Ask A Librarian chat.

Please also check the library status dashboard and FAQs for information about how specific resources and services are affected by pandemic-related changes.

Research Tips & Tools


  • Try lots of different search terms or phrases
  • Use multiple resources (Google, different library databases, etc.) to access different kinds of sources
  • Track search terms and strategies in a research journal
  • If you find something on Google that is behind a paywall, try to access it through the library - DO NOT pay for it!
  • Ask if you have questions or need help - conducting research and accessing sources through the library can be tricky!


Quantitative Sources

Here are a few databases that contain quantitative data, primarily demographic information, statistics, and public opinion polls.

Qualitative Sources

Here are just a few databases that contain qualitative sources. You may also want to look outside the library to get other types of qualitative sources, such as interviews, social media posts, blogs, and more.

Secondary Sources - Quantitative and Qualitative

These resources mostly contain secondary sources that analyze primary sources like experimental and demographic data, survey responses, historical documents, and much more. You will find sources that use both qualitative and quantitative methods of analysis in these resources.