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Accessing Electronic Resources

Guide to accessing Library-supported E-resources

Find@UVA Button Guide

What is the Find@UVA button?

The Find@UVA button is already included in almost all of our databases, plus Google Scholar, and allows you to easily access materials through the UVA Library’s collections.

Access to materials is often spread across several different platforms and the Find@UVA button is one way to streamline the process of going from the item you need to the platform you can download it from. 

Here are a few examples of what the Find@UVA button looks like:

On Google Scholar: 

Screenshot of Google Scholar showing the “Find This@UVA Libraries” link already included on the right-hand side of the page. 


In the database Academic Search Complete:

A screenshot of the databases Academic Search Complete with the cursor over the blue “Find@UVA” button. 


In the databases Web of Science: 

Screenshot of the databases Web of Science with the cursor over the blue text of the "Find@UVA" button.


How does it work? 

When you find an item that you don’t have access to, you can click on the Find@UVA button. It will automatically search the UVA Library for that item in the collection. 

If the item is available, you will find a landing page that offers links to various resources and databases where you can find the item. 

Screenshot showing a finished Find@UVA button search that offers the needed article citation and a link to "Get Article" through the database ScienceDirect.



What if the Library doesn’t have access to what I need? 

The Find@UVA button will show you that as well. 

Screenshot of an article citation page that the UVA Library doesn't have access to with a circle around 'Sorry, we don't have access to this article online.'


The Find@UVA button also includes a link to InterLibrary Loan (ILL) where you can request a copy of the item you need.

Screenshot of an article citation page that the UVA Library doesn't have access to with a highlight around the text and link for 'Get via interlibrary loan/LEO, my library is UVA LIbraries'


This is a great way to request materials through ILL seamlessly since the link will take you to ILL and it will also fill out the request form for you, including detailed citation information. 


I don’t have the Find@UVA button on Google Scholar. How do I add it? 

Go to and go into your settings in the upper left-hand corner of the page. 

Under settings, you’ll find a “Library Links” option. That page has a search bar. 

If you search for “University of Virginia” you’ll be able to select it using the check box on the left. 

Once that’s selected, the Find@UVA option will appear on Google Scholar. 

Screenshot of the Library Links section of Google Scholar's settings with the results for University of Virginia already searched.