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Gallup Public Opinion Poll

This guide explains the Gallup Poll, including how to access content.

Gallup Microdata

Are you looking to use Gallup World Poll or US Daily Tracker microdata for statistical analysis?  If yes, visit Gallup US Daily and World Poll Microdata.

If you are looking to view general statistics and trends, read on to learn more about Gallup Analytics!

Questions?  Reach out to the librarian listed here.

Gallup Analytics - Trends in Question Responses

Gallup Analytics provides trends in question responses in a few ways:

  • U.S. Dailies cover the United States from 2009 to the present. You can view the entire US (aggregate) or select an MSA.  (Note that data are not available for each MSA or for each year.)  You can learn more about how Gallup Daily Tracking works
  • The World Poll covers the globe from 2006 to the present. You can view the Worldwide (aggregate) results or select a region or a country.  You can learn more about how the Gallup World Poll works
  • Gallup Poll Social Series covers the United States with special topics. Right now, it only offers the Environment going back to 2001.  You can learn more about how the Gallup Poll Social Series works.

The Gallup Analytics site offers topline polling results.  (It does not include access to microdata.)  You can get idea about general trends in polling over the years for specific geographies.  The U.S. Dailies and World Poll topics include:

  • Business and Economics 
  • Citizen Engagement
  • Communications and Technology
  • Education and Families
  • Environment and Energy
  • Food and Shelter
  • Government and Politics
  • Health
  • Law and Order
  • Other (More)
  • Religion and Ethics
  • Social Issues
  • Well-being
  • Work

Gallup Brain - Question Responses in Individual Polls

Gallup Brain offers individual responses to Gallup polls from 1936 to the present.  You can jump to surveys by decade or search for words within questionnaires to find polling of interest.  You can also use the "Create a Trend" feature to locate all other questions with the same response scale. (Link works best when you are on Grounds, using a VPN, or already signed in with NetBadge.)

Other Poll Databases

Gallup Poll Reference Works