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Generative AI at UVA

This guide features links and information about generative AI, including ethical use, citations, considerations for use, and more.

How To Use This Guide

This guide offers resources to navigate the increasingly complicated landscape of generative AI in higher education. Each tab provides a short summary of the concept and includes a More Reading section with curated links that will provide additional information and food for thought. 

Where Do I Start?

If you are a novice to AI, consider starting at the What is Generative AI? tab.

If you are teaching a course or are interested in the impact of generative AI on your students’ scholarship, consider diving into the Cautions and Considerations tab and follow it up with the information in the Copyright and Intellectual Property tab for more information on the considerations (and there are many) around the use of generative AI in scholarship.

If you are a student exploring AI and you want to understand how to cite AI generated information, start with the Citations tab and take time to read the Ethical Considerations tab.

What is Happening at UVA?

UVA has provided lots of guidance on AI in higher education and particularly at UVA. You can find more information on the UVA Links tab.

Currently, explicit policies on the use of AI have been left up to individual faculty and departments. For more information about policies in a specific course, please consult the syllabus for each course directly.