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PLCP/WGS 3350 - Gender Politics in Comparative Perspective

Searching Virgo

Library homepage is

A list of all our major online databases is found in Virgo at

                                Keyword = "human migration" China                    


  • Virgo does not use Boolean connectors, such as and, or between terms.
  • Put a phrase within quotation marks
  • Automatically does stemming of search terms (view, viewer, viewers, viewing)
  • Be sure you click on "Start Over" to perform a new search

Finding Journal Articles

A list of all our major online databases is found in Virgo at  

Academic Search Complete A general database of articles from a variety of scholarly journals, popular magazines, and some newspapers. Includes some speeches and interviews.  Years of coverage varies according to title, but some publications are covered back to the late 19th century.

                           Search:  microcredit AND women AND Tunisia

For an interview:  Search  Muhammad Yunus = PE    Document Type = Interview

Women's Studies International  Find journal articles, books, conference proceedings, reports, theses & dissertations, documents and other materials on all aspects of women's studies.  Looks and works the same as Academic Search Complete.

                           Search:  "Southeast Asia" AND "labor migration"

EconLit  International coverage of economics in journal articles, books, dissertations, book reviews.

                           Search:  "informal labor" and gender

CIAO: Columbia International Affairs Online  Includes working papers from research institutes, occasional papers series from NGO's, conference proceedings, current tables of contents and article abstracts from selected journals, and full text of selected books.

                          Search:   Russia  "human trafficking"    

JSTOR  Full-text backfiles of many important scholarly journals. Coverage is usually from the first issue to 3-5 years before the present, does not include current volumes.  "Advanced Search" gives you more control over your results.  Select Type = Article and select the most relevant groups of journals by discipline to be searched.


PAIS  1915-present  Useful for finding journal articles, book citations, government publications, and reports issued by public and private organizations in the areas of political science and public policy.

                           Search:  "Arab spring"  and women

Web of Knowledge/Web of Science Includes Science Citation Index (1970-), Social Sciences Citation Index (1981-), and Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1981-).  Daily updates makes it a good source for recent articles.  "Times Cited" in your results indicates how many times a specific article has been cited, and the articles citing it.

                           Search:  Social Sciences Citation Index [under Citation Databases]:  Topic = Asia  AND  Topic = gender
                                        AND Topic = advertising

Finding Newspaper Articles

Factiva   Articles from over 6,000 worldwide newspapers and periodicals,  plus company and business information from Dow Jones. Select "News pages" to browse daily issues of recent newspapers from many countries; use "Search" to find older articles.

                           Search:   women and domestic workers and Middle East


LexisNexis Academic  Access to a variety of news sources, including newspapers, magazines, television and radio broadcast transcripts, etc.  Years of coverage varies by title, usually with nothing prior to the early 1980's.

                          Search the News:  Search for = microcredit and "South Africa"
                                                     By Source Type =
Major World Publications


WomanStats Project  A comprehensive compilation of information on the status of women in the world. The Project collects data on all countries with a population greater than 200,000--a total of 174 countries. Covers laws, statistics, and practices within countries; the information available ranges from data on domestic violence to female landownership to political participation.

Little Data Book on Gender 2013  (Click on book cover to read.) From the World Bank.This quick reference presents gender data for more than 200 economies in an easy country-by-country reference on demography, education, health, labor force, and political participation. The book’s summary pages cover regional and income group aggregates.


UNdata More than 450 statistical time series for countries around the world covering a wide range of economic and sociodemographic topics. In particular, see Gender under Databases.

GenderStats Data on key gender topics from national statistics agencies, UN databases, and World Bank-conducted or funded surveys.

World's Women 2010: Trends and Statistics Published by the United Nations, this report highlights the differences in status of men and women in eight areas: population and families; health; education; work; power and decision-making; violence against women; environment; and poverty. Analyses are based mainly on statistics from internationaland national statistical sources. Within each chapter click on "Statistical Annex."

Eldis - Gender
Online collection of over 26,000 research documents in development studies, many of which include statistics. A possible source for more current statistics that may be lacking in other statistics databases.  From the Institute of Development Studies, Sussex.

A large central data source that allows you to find statistical data by topic, or to compare data between nations. Data compiled from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, the United Nations, and the OECD.

ProQuest Statistical Insight Statistical Information of all kinds, current and historical, U.S. and international.

UNRISD  The United Nations Research Institute for Social Development carries out research on social dimensions of contemporary problems that affect development.

World Bank World Bank database provides direct access to more than 700 development indicators, with time series for 208 countries and 18 country groups from 1960 to the present, where data are available. Gender Equality Data and Statistics allows you to select variables within the World Bank's gender statistics database.