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Open Educational Resources (OER) at UVA

A guide to educational material that are freely available to use, adapt, share, and reuse.

Grant opportunities and other support

Affordability and Equity Grant

This two-year pilot program, sponsored by the Jefferson Trust and offered by the University of Virginia Library, provided support to faculty who wanted to adopt, adapt, or create open educational resources (OER). As o Spring 2024, the program has awarded its final grant. 

VIVA Open Course Grant

The goal of the VIVA Open Course Grants (formerly Course Redesign Grants) is to make textbook and course materials free to students by empowering faculty with the resources and time they need to develop their curricula using open, library, or no cost resources.

Application deadlines are generally in early spring. See full requirements and application details. 

If you plan to apply, please consider reaching out to the Library through Judy Thomas (jet3h) or Bethany Mickel (bbm9u) as we would be happy to discuss your proposal.  


Across Grounds

The Center for Teaching Excellence offers a number of signature programs, tailored services, rich resource materials, and seed grants designed to enhance the teaching environment at UVA.

The Learning Design and Technology team at the College of Arts and Sciences unit is ready to support effective pedagogy with technology.

Resources for Teaching Online is an invaluable resource by the Center for Teaching Excellence in support of the Great and Good Strategic Plan 2030 and which prepares UVA for teaching in the 21st century and learning in different modalities. If you are interested in creating digital assets for your course or converting parts of your course to be online, whether synchronous or asynchronous, these are resources to support you.

UVA's Office of Accessibility provides services and tools dedicated to equal access for all, led by the coordinator of academic accessibility, Lori Kressin.

4-VA at UVA awards collaborative research grants to UVA faculty members each spring to improve research competitiveness within the Commonwealth by providing funding for faculty teams to engage in pilot research that could be used as a springboard for subsequent external funding.