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South Asia Studies

Resources for research on South Asia, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka

The 2015 Bihar Holiday grab bag of new books

[December 2015 recently received titles in Alderman Library. Philip McEldowney]
See this list on WorldCat https://www. worldcat. org/profiles/uvalibrary/lists/3611291
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  1. Kumar, Vijoy. List of volunteer convicts belonging to the province of Bihar who were known or believed to have been in the Andamans at the time of Japanese occupation on the 1st March, 1942 . 2010. Kumar / convicts
  2. Choudhary, Radhakrishna. History of Bihar. 2012. Choudhary / Bihar
  3. Alam, Nahid. Bihar Needs Special State Status: ASSOCHAM Analysis. 2013. Alam / Needs
  4. YES Bank, and Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India. Securing Sustainable Growth for Bihar. 2013. Bank / growth
  5. Sato, Ryojun. The Mahabodhi Temple at Bodh Gaya. 2014. Sato / temple
  6. Kumar, Vijoy, and Tejakar Jha. Walking Down the Lane. . . : A Pictorial Tribute to Dr. Rajendra Prasad. 2010. Kumar / Prasad
  7. Imam, Bulu. Antiquarian Remains of Jharkhand. 2014. Imam / Jharkhand
  8. Vinoda Kumara. Reda jona. 2015. Kumara / reda
  9. Gopal, Lallanji, and V. C. Srivastava. A history of agriculture in India. 2014. Gopal / agriculture
  10. Vasudeva. Katha mem Jharakhanda: Jharakhanda ke kahanikarom dvara likhita adivasi jivana aura samskrti se sambandhita kahaniyom ka eka anutha evam abhutapurva sangraha . 2014. Vasudeva / adivasa
  11. Associated Chambers of Commerce & Industry of India. Chhattisgarh, "the Way Forward". 2013. Chambers / Chhattisgarh
  12. Tudu, Susila. Santali sahitya mem rashtriya bhavana. 2014. Tudu / Santali
  13. Sarin, Rekha, and Rajan Kapoor. Chai: The Experience of Indian Tea . 2014. Sarin / Chai

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Created on December 08, 2015