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UVA Library Staff Language Proficiencies


Language Proficiencies Chart

Please use the Staff Directory to contact the individuals listed below.

Key to proficiency levels
Advanced -  read, translate, speak fluently
Intermediate  - read, translate
Minimal - read with help of a dictionary (listed only for uncommon languages)   

American Sign Language Intermediate Dillon
Arabic Advanced Dillon
Minimal Azizi
Catalan Intermediate Valladares-Llata
Chinese Advanced Fu, Sun, Wang
Farsi Advanced Azizi, Dillon
Intermediate McEldowney
French Advanced Garcia, Purpur, Rice, Slaughter, Stylianopoulos
Intermediate Barham, Bombard, Coleman, Griles, Kessler, Valladares-Llata
German Advanced Shepherd
Intermediate Morton
Greek (Classical) Advanced Barham
Intermediate Stylianopoulos, Summers
Greek (Koine) Intermediate Barham, Stylianopoulos
Greek (Modern) Advanced Stylianopoulos
Hebrew Intermediate Azizi
Hindi Advanced Thokmey
Intermediate McEldowney
Hungarian Minimal Barham
Italian Intermediate Bombard, Rice, Stalnaker, Stylianopoulos, Valladares-Llata
Japanese Intermediate Fu
Korean Advanced Harris
Ladakhi Advanced Thokmey
Latin Advanced Barham
Intermediate Amico, Bombard, Summers
Middle English Intermediate Bombard, Jensen
Old English Intermediate Bombard
Polish Advanced Setaro
Portuguese Advanced Wolnick
Intermediate Valladares-Llata
Russian Intermediate Pappas, Setaro, Summers
Sanskrit Minimal Barham
Spanish Advanced Garcia, Purpur, Valladares-Llata
Intermediate Bombard, Cooper, Jensen, Rice
Tibetan Advanced Thokmey
Ukrainian Intermediate Pappas
Urdu Advanced Dillon
Intermediate McEldowney


Edited 2020-03, tsh2k