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Translations - World News Connection, FBIS, JPRS  

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World News Connection, FBIS, JPRS

WNC, FBIS, and JPRS are translation services of the US government.  These translations date back to the late 1950s.  Also, the BBC Monitoring International Reports  contains translations of foreign language news accounts back to 1980.

World News Connection is the electronic replacement for the news transcription and translation series issued previously as Foreign Broadcast Information Service (FBIS) Daily Reports.The print version was discontinued during 1997.  As did the old FBIS Daily Reports, WNC offers time sensitive information gathered from thousands of foreign media sources, including political speeches, television programs and radio broadcasts, and articles from newspapers, periodicals, and books.

Users get extensive and in-depth collection of unclassified military, political, environmental, sociological, scientific and technical data and reports from around the world (U.S. and Canadian media are not included).  Materials are translated into English.  The table below reflects UVA Library collections. The transcripts are compiled from eight world regions excluding the U.S. and Canada:

  • People's Republic of China
  • Central Eurasia
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Eastern Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa
  • South Asia
  • Western Europe

Backfiles and Indexing of World News Connection / FBIS Daily Reports at the UVA Library

YearsFormatRegions Covered Call NumberLocationNotes & Indexes

Last 3 Years
(sometimes a bit more than 3 years)

Electronic - Web/Internet All   Full text online Current Title: World News Connection

Due to copyright restrictions there are more articles on the FBIS CDs than there are in the WNC web product.
July 1996-- Electronic -
All PREX 7.10/3: Full text on CD-ROM Use on individual Gov Info workstations. 
Library is prohibited from placing these CD-ROMs on any multi-user network. Call Number PREX 7.10/3: Filed in Government Information Reading Room CD shelves
Due to copyright restrictions there are more articles on the FBIS CDs than there are in the WNC web product.

Some paper copies, see below.

All PrEx 7.10:[FBIS-region-yr.-no.] 3rd floor, East wing, Microfiche area
Print indexes also available - 3, New Stacks - PREX 7.10:Region
1988-Sept. 1996 Paper Africa PREX 7.10:FBIS-AFR

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1987-1996 Paper China PREX 7.10:FBIS-CHINA

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1988-1996 Paper East Asia PREX 7.10:FBIS-EAS

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1988-1996 Paper East Europe PREX 7.10:FBIS-EEU

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1988-1996 Paper Latin America PREX 7.10:FBIS-LAM

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1987 Paper Middle East & Africa PREX 7.10:FBIS-MEA

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1988-1996 Paper Near East & South Asia PREX 7.10:FBIS-NES

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1987-1996 Paper Central Eurasia PREX 7.10:FBIS-SOV

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1987-1996 Paper Western Europe PREX 7.10:FBIS-WEU

Ivy Stacks

Print indexes - 3, New Stacks -
1968-1972 Microfilm China 
East Europe
Soviet Union


Ivy Annex
Use NY Times or London Times Indexes to establish date of event
1947-1967  Microfilm (Except 1973 only, paper Doc US stacks) "White Book"




Ivy Annex

 White Book is a "digest" version of all regions combined

Publications Research Service Translations

JPRS began in 1957 and was merged into FBIS in 1996.  In 1997 the reporting system was transformed into the current electronic World News Connection and all print versions were discontinued.  For many years prior to 1996 JPRS was responsible for the translation of foreign language publciations into English for government use. Handling materials in almost any language, JPRS provided translations of government documents, scholarly works, research reports, newspaper and periodical articles, and almost anything else appearing in print. JPRS Translations are not limited to any subjects, but ranged over the entire spectrum of the social sciences and science-technology fields and occasionally even the humanities.

Backfiles and Indexing of JPRS Translations at the UVA Library

Format Years Indexing Notes
Discontinued 1996 --- Merged into FBIS.  See information above

Microfiche, and a very few in paper -

Y 3.J 66/13:
PrEx 7.13:
PrEx 7.14:
see notes

1976-1996 PREX 7.13:
Transdex (1971-1996)

Transdex Index
1971-1974 (Paper) 

PREX 7.10:Transdex
1975-1996 (MF only)

Sudoc Class numbers vary:

1976 --mid 1979 -- Y3.J66:13:(JPRS number)
1979-1981 -- PrEx 7.13:(JPRS number)
1981-1983 -- PrEx 7.14: - PrEx 7.23:(JPRS number)
1984-1990 -- PrEx 7.14: - PrEx 7.23:(JPRS series #)
1990-1996 -- PrEx 7.13:(JPRS number)

Consult Guide to U.S. Government Publications (Andriot) -Z1223 .Z7 A572 - behind 3rd floor desk - for specific stem call numbers for specific JPRS series.



Contained in the United States Government publications; non-depository Collection from Readex

1958-1977 Monthly Catalog

All Readex Microprint Cards in storage, Ivy Stacks.   Cards filed by Monthly Catalog entry numbers This is the VIRGO record for the overall collection of microprint in Ivy Stacks.  You need to determine which MoCat Year and Number you need, and then search for it in the items on this record. 
For Instance -
 Readex microprint 1976:no.4703-6503

For these early "Translations from ...." series it's necessary to look an individual title, for example, "Changes in Matrimony Requirements" (Trns Latin America), up in one of the indexes listed below. 

Then look up  the resulting JPRS number (44038) in the  Index to Readex Microprint Edition of JPRS Reports.... (PREX 7.13:) - to find Monthly Catalog entry number.


Additional JPRS Indexes Call Number Years Notes
Bibliography -- Index: China and Asia; Exclusive of Near East PREX 7.13: 1962-1970  3New
Bibliography -- Index: East Europe PREX 7.13: 1962-1970  3New
Bibliography -- Index: International Developments PREX 7.13: 1962-1970  3New
Bibliography -- Index: Soviet Union PREX 7.13: 1962-1970  3New
Consolidated Translation Survey

PREX 3.10/2:

1958-1970 Ivy Stacks
International communist Developments, 1957-1961, ed. by Theodore Kyriak PREX 7.13: 1957-1961  3New
Sci/Tech Quarterly Index

Z7403 .S27

1970-1972 Ivy Stacks
Contemporary China, ed. by R Sorich

Z3108 .A5 S6 1961

1957-1960 Law Library
Technical Translations

Z7401 .T712

1959-1967 Ivy Stacks
Translations Register -- Index

Z7403 .T7

1967- Ivy Stacks
Transdex: Bibliography and Index to United States Joint Publications Research Service PREX 7.10:Transdex


Microfiche 3 East


Catalog Cards in Book form for United States Joint Publications Research Service Translations PREX 7.13: 1957-1970  3New
Index to Readex Microprint Edition of JPRS Reports PREX 7.13: 1958-1964  3New



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