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PPOL 7350: APP Prep

This guide is for students enrolled in PPOL 7350 Applied Policy Project Preparation (APP Prep). Created in conjunction with Batten faculty, this guide will help you understand research literature.


Hi!  Welcome to the Research Guide for the APP Prep course.  If you ever have any questions, please reach out to me.  My contact information is located in the profile box in this page.  

Here's a quick intro from me: 

What is this?

This year, UVA Library and Batten faculty are working together to introduce you to concepts that will help you be successful in completing your APPs.  We want you to pick an APP topic that is data-rich and an interesting public policy challenge.  A common problem with APPs is that students sometimes pick topics that do not have good information about solutions.  Maybe there really isn't enough research in the area (maybe the topic is bleeding-edge new), maybe the topic is much too broad and needs to be narrowed down, or maybe it is difficult to find data to analyze.  There are lots of reasons why a topic might not have good information that would bring about a solution.  We want you to pick APP problems that lend themselves to workable solutions, and to get to workable solutions you need to have useful information and background research.  This library unit attempts to help you understand why you are doing what you are doing in the APP Prep course (for example, preparing a literature review) and how to do it.  We are trying to lay the groundwork for a successful spring term when you actually write your APP.  

Note that 3 of our sessions will be completed online and 1 will be completed in class.  

Helpful Links

Be sure to check out the main Batten Research Guide for all your public policy information needs.  Here you will find many databases that will help you discover information on your topic.