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The Daily Progress - Digital Edition

The Daily Progress

View the Digital Edition of the Daily Progress

The digital edition of the Daily Progress is a collaborative project of the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library and the University of Virginia Libraries in honor of Charlottesville's 250th anniversary. Currently the digital edition covers 1893 to 1964. In the nearer future this text will be scanned with optical character recognition (OCR) software which will allow keyword searching.  

Navigating this collection

The is currently no full text searching and the collection can only be searched by date (or keyword). For example, to find the issues for a given date, you can enter the date in the search box:

Because the year, month, and day appear in the title for each issue, you could also search based on those words:

A note about the condition of the microfilm

The microfilm on which this digital edition is based were, in many cases, in very bad condition. Often the newspapers on which the microfilm were based were in bad condition. This digital edition has been reviewed for scanning quality and we believe the digital images are as clear as they can be, given the condition of the microfilm. Should you want to consult the original microfilm its call number is Micfilm N-US VA-6.

Known missing issues:

1893, 1894 - September - some missing issues
1909 - July 1-July 2
1912 - September 8
1913 - January 2
1915 - July - December
1916 - July 10, August 8, September 2
1917 - April 20, May 18
1918 - July 20, August 2, October 26, November 23
1919 - February 27, August 30
1920 - August 9, November 27
1921 - January 10, May 7
1950s - No issue on Sundays

If you discover more missing issues, or find any other problems, you can report errors to Virgo Feedback or contact the Librarian shown on this page. 


Bradley Daigle, Jocelyn Triplett, Ivey Glendon, Elizabeth Margutti, Anne Benham, Irene Norvelle, Barbie Selby, Andrew Curley, Mike Durbin, Jennifer Huck, Lou Foster, Rob Cordaro