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Microforms by Subject - Selected Resources

  • The following titles by-subject lists are not comprehensive. If you don't see a title you are looking for,  ask library staff to assist you.
  • Location: most microforms materials are in storage at Ivy. They will need to be looked up and requested through Virgo, our online catalog.
  • It's now possible for users to scan and digitize microforms in Shannon and Clemons Library. Contact library staff to ask about our microform equipment.

Finding Microforms in the Catalog

Most of our microfilm, microfiche, and other microform collections are stored at Ivy Stacks and must be requested through the catalog.  

Large Microfiche/film Sets

For large sets of microfiche or microfilm there is a “cover record” for the set in Virgo.  Records for the individual titles within the large set will point to the cover record for retrieval from Ivy. 

An example of such a large set is the Papers the NAACP.  The “cover record” for the entire set has all the microfilm reels linked to it.  Records for individual titles within the set (like NAACP Administrative Files) link back to the cover record.  The Related Resources link in the individual title records links back to the cover record.  You should be able to request the reels for the individual title directly from its record or from the cover record.

A few examples of other large sets with “cover records” and individual title records include:


"Miscellaneous" Cover Records

In addition to large sets with individual title records for the components within the set, we created some generic "cover records" for microfiche where many titles had to be grouped together in one Ivy storage box.  Many U.S. government produced microfiche are grouped together on a generic record for the entire agency.  These records include:

For these it's necessary to find the call number of the set or microfiche you want, follow the Related Resources link to the generic cover record, and scan down until you see the call number group which includes the one your want. 
For instance

  • You want  Examen de la Possession des Religievses de Lovviers with a call number of Micfich 352 no.5284
  • The note in the record links you to the Miscellaneous Monographic Microfiche record. 
  • You then scan down the list of call numbers on the MMM cover record until you get to
    Micfich 305-45,347-8,352,558-69 which contains your Micfich 352 set.
    NOTE: Control F can be useful to search for the call number you need.
  • You request the call number on the MMM cover record that includes 352.


Other Tips

  • If you are looking for an individual title within a larger set and don't see links to a cover record try this:  Find a title you want go into Advanced Search and do a call number search, i.e. Micfilm 1568.  The “cover record” is usually in the first couple of records in the list.  You can then request the reel you need (noting it from the record for the individual title) from the Request from Ivy link in the cover record.
  • If you find a microform title with a barcode that looks like 1234567-1001, this indicates that you will need to use the cover record to request the item.  The record you have found should give some indication of which reel to choose from the larger set.
  • If you have found a large set that looks relevant to your research but aren't sure which reels to request, there may be a printed index available that you can consult