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Mathematics Dashboard: Welcome


Welcome to the Mathematics library dashboard. The dashboard provides quick links to the resources you need to succeed in your course. Whether you are online or on-Grounds, UVA Library services and support are available to all students. 

Your Librarian

Your Librarian is Ricky Patterson

Each department at UVA is assigned a research librarian. Connect with Ricky for help with your assignments. This service is available to all Mathematics students, and meeting with a librarian early in your research process can help you save time and make the entire experience less daunting.

Ricky can help with: learning how to access Library resources online, identifying relevant databases/journals for research papers, and using OverLeaf/LaTeX to write papers. Ricky can meet with you online via Zoom or in-person.

Ask a Librarian

Sign Up for Library events

Sign up for Library orientations, workshops, and events with our online calendar. UVA Library programming is offered in-person and online.

Search for academic articles

Academic databases contain peer-reviewed articles, scientific papers, reports, and more. These are the most used databases for Mathematics research.

Search Virgo

Virgo is the Library catalog, where you can find books, some articles, and more. 

Libkey Nomad - Access Journal Articles


Libkey Nomad is a browser extension that instantly identifies links to articles for full text access (either through the library's holdings or through Open Access sources), and if it can't find a version of the article that is available to you through your library, it will fill out an ILL request for you through the library. It means you can browse the publisher websites directly rather than searching the library website for an article.


Download and install the Libkey Nomad browser extension from the Chrome, Firefox or MacOS (for Safari) stores. Note that the installation procedure for Safari is detailed on the MacOS store page. For Chrome or Firefox:

  • You will see a pop up stating that Libkey Nomad can "read and change all your data on the websites you visit." This is allows Libkey Nomad to detect article details on pages you visit, so it can locate them for you in our library holdings, and it also allows it to add download buttons to the webpage. No data about you or your searches is saved!

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