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Teaching & Learning

Overview of services provided by the Teaching & Learning department with recommended resources and more.

T&L Support for Teaching with Technology

One of the roles that Teaching & Learning embraces is supporting our liaison librarians in their instruction efforts.  Please reference the Teaching & Learning Staff overview on the homepage of this guide for a complete listing of our areas of expertise and focus.  Some of the specific ways in which we support our liaisons include:

Offering consultations:
  • Josh Thorud, Multimedia Librarian, is an excellent resource for assistance with video and screencasting needs.  His office hours may be booked at this link.
  • Bethany Mickel, Teaching & Learning Librarian, can assist with innovative instruction strategies, various online instructional technologies, and material creation.  Her office hours may be booked at this link.
Classroom support:
  • Zoom sessions can be tricky.  It is often helpful to have a second person in the background to help monitor the chat, answer questions that arise related to technology, or facilitate breakout rooms and other interactions.  Please contact OR any member of our team to request that one of us 'sit in' during a class session taught by a librarian to assist.  
Material creation:
  • Do you need to create a short tutorial, guide, or other instructional material?  We can help you develop your idea and create instructional material that meets the needs of your students and faculty.  
Technology assistance:
  • While we are always excited to explore new technologies, we find that utilization of the ones provided by UVa yields the best results as they are both institutionally-supported and familiar to our students and faculty.  
  • Please refer to the University's Learning Tech page.  It outlines the various tools UVA supports and even categorizes the technologies based on need.  
  • There is training material available for each tool; however, we are also happy to meet with you to discuss how you might leverage the tool for your classes and specific discipline.