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Teaching & Learning

Overview of services provided by the Teaching & Learning department with recommended resources and more.

Teaching and Learning Services for Liaisons

Teaching & Learning supports the teaching mission of the entire library and works with anyone interested in further developing their teaching skills. T&L can:

  • Help you develop instructional materials, such as activities, lesson plans, tutorials, and assessments
  • Co-teach classes with you
  • Consult with you about questions related to teaching, including instructional technology
  • Observe and provide feedback on your teaching 
  • Facilitate discussions and workshops about teaching

Please contact a T&L team member for more information.

Teaching Resources for Librarians

Activities Developed by T&L

These activities can be modified to work in different environments (in-person, synchronous, or asynchronous) and for students of any level. See the "For Instructors" and course-specific tabs for examples of lesson plans that have used many of these activities.

Selected Teaching Resources
Collections of Teaching Activities and Resources


The Robertson Media Center (RMC) is located on the third floor of Clemons Library and can support liaisons and students using the specialty software and equipment available through the RMC. Instructional support usually takes one of these forms:

  • Consultations with individuals or groups about specific projects
  • Consultations with instructors about incorporating technology into their classes
  • Instruction sessions with classes
  • Equipment training

Some of the RMC's instructional and training materials are accessible online. Find more information on the RMC website. A few examples of RMC learning resources here: